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What is the hardware?
The physical equipment of a computer, such as the screen/monitor, the keyboard, the CPU, and the storage device. The parts of a computer system you can touch.
What is a keyboard?
An input device resembling a typewriter and consisting of a standardized layout of buttons or keys with symbols, such as letters or numbers, that can be entered into a computer by pressing on the keys.
What is piracy?
Unauthorized copying of software for personal use or distribution. Pirating soft-ware is breaking the law and could land the offender in jail.
What is a disk drive?
The device that reads from and writes to a floppy disk or hard disk.
What is a diskette?
The most common storage device used with micro-computer.
What is the hardware?
The physical equipment of a computer, such as the screen/monitor, the keyboard, the CPU, and the storage device.
What is a monitor?
A display screen designed as an output device for a computer and usually composed of a Cathode Ray Tube.
What is the computer?
An electronic machine that can perform calculations and can process a large amount of information accurately and much more rapidly than the human brain.
What is cropping?
Cutting off part of an image, such as unneeded sections of a graphic area of space around borders.
What is Public Domain?
Software written as a good deed by some kind-hearted programmer, and then donated to the public. Anyone can use and copy public domain software free of charge.
What is a clipboard?
A memory resource that stores a copy of the last information that was "copied" or "cut"; the information on the clipboard can be "pasted" into another document.
What is Plagiarism?
Handing in someone else's work as their own.
What is the Central Processing Unit? (CPU)
The main component, or "brain," of a computer.
What is clipart?
A series of picture files that are stored on a disk that can be "clipped" and pasted into a document.
What is a floppy disk?
A flexible disk, made of thin plastic and magnetically coated. It is protected by a jacket with a metal slide moved to read or write information.
What is Freeware?
Software written by some generous-hearted programmer and then donated to the public, of anyone is free to copy it and gice it to their friends.
What is a Printer?
A mechanical output device that can print text, and sometimes graphics, on paper.
What are output devices?
Printers, monitors, storage devices like disk drives, and the computer itself.
What us animation?
Any method that can make an image appear to change over time.