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Who was Thomas Edison?
He was an inventor.
What were some of Edison's most famous inventions.
Two of Thomas Edison's most famous inventions were the phonograph and electric lighting.
Who was Lewis Latimore.
Lewis Latimore was an inventor who worked for Edison. He helped improve the filament in lightbulbs.
Who was George Westinghouse?
Westinghouse was an inventor. He began the use of transformers to produce voltage that made home electricity practical.
What were some of the benefits of electrical power usage during the 1800's.
Electricity changed the world of work and created new jobs.
Name 4 technological changes that took place during the late 1800's
1. Electricity
2. Railroad
3. Telegraph
4. Bridges
5. Standardized time zones
6. Telephones
Industrial growth was promoted by which technological change.
The creation of the transcontinental railroad help to promote industrial growth.
Who was Alexander Graham Bell?
Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the talking telegraph. He also set up the American Telephone company in 1884.
who were Henry Bessemer and William Kelly?
Bessemer and Kelly were the inventors of the Bessemer converter. A process for making steel which is lighter and more flexible than iron.
What is the name of the great bridge made during the late 1800's.
The Brooklyn Bridge.