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the basic unit of electrical current in the SI system
Aniline Dye
a transparent pigment made from aniline, a poisonous derivative of benzene; characterized by brilliant hues and full saturation
Barn Door
an accessory for a Fresnel spotlight whose moveable flippers are swung into the beam to control it
Base Coat
the first coat when applying paint to an object
Beam Angle
that point where the light emitted by an instrument is diminished by 50% when compared with the output of the center of the beam
an adhesive in paint that glues the pigment and fillers to the painted material after the vehicle has evaporated
Boxing Paint
pouring paint back and forth between buckets to ensure a complete and uniform mix
in paint, a type of style method that
exaggerates actualities
a protein formed by milk, which is the main constitute of cheese
Channel Hook-up
lists the channel numbers used on the lighting plan alongside the dimmer numbers into which they're connected, and a brief text description of that channels function.
Circuit Breaker
a device to protect a circuit from an overload; a MAGNETIC device trips, and breaks continuity
Company Switch
a large capacity power connection point on/near the stage which touring companies can use to connect their equipment.
Costume plot/Chart
Spreadsheet w/ characters, scenes they're in, general outline of costumes they wear. Also keeps track of quick changes and general scope and scale of project.
primarily responsible for handling fabrics, cutting them and measuring according to body dimensions. Also responsible for creating muslin mockups to be used as patterns.
Cyc Light
A row of floodlights in a cage that sits on the floor 4-5 ft. from the sky drop, shining up on it at an angle
an electrical device that controls the intensity of a light source connected to it
to create a worn or aged appearance
Dry Brushing
to brush without first adding paint and using paint already on desired object
measuring, creating a muslin mockup/pattern.
DMX 512
a cable is used to link a DMX512 controller to many DMX512 fixtures. Each fixture has a DMX512 in and usually a DMX512 thru connector. The DMX512 in on the first fixture is connected to the DMX512 out connector on the controller, then the DMX512 thru is connected to the DMX in of the second fixture, and so on. The final, empty, DMX512 thru connector should have a DMX512 terminating plug plugged into it. A DMX terminator is a 120 ohm resistor between pins 2 and 3 of the connector. Fixtures therefore 'daisy-chain' from one to the other J
A sub-atomic particle carrying a negative charge.
ellipsoidal reflector spotlight, a type of spotlight used in stage lighting. Source 4 for example
Field Angle
the angle between the two directions opposed to each other over the beam axis for which the luminous intensity is half that of the maximum luminous intensity. (2x the beam angle)
the metal part of a brush that binds the bristles to the handle
the light-producing element of a lamp; usually made of tungsten wire
a material that creates opacity (covering power) in paint
Flat Patterning
Making a pattern out of a rendering by sight
Focal Length
the distance from the lens at which the light rays converge into a point; for lenses used in stage lighting instruments the focal length is most frequently measured in even inches
Foot Candle
A measurement of light level. It is equivalent to the light intensity made by one candle at a distance of one foot.
A kind of spotlight (qv) in which the light is concentrated by a fresnel lens (a lens with concentric ridged rings). Projects a variable angle soft-edged beam.
a thin metal template inserted into an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight to project a shadow pattern of light
Hand (costume)
backstage member of costume staff that helps actors with changes and pre and post show duties.
Hang Tag
the small label attached to the cardboard core of a bolt of fabric that tells what % of various component fibers it has
Hot Spot
an intense circle of light created when a projector lens is seen through a rear screen or too many lights are focused in one place
Instrument Schedule
a form used to record all of the technical data about each instrument used in the production; like a channel hookup but organized by location, not channel
Size Coat
1 cup hot animal or white glue, one tablespoon Lysol per gallon warm water
Key Light
The purpose of the key light is to highlight the form and dimension of the subject.The key light could be hard or soft and depending on the desired setup can be placed at a different angle
the distortion that occurs in a projected image when the projector is placed at some other angle than perpendicular to the center of the projection surface
Light Plot
the process of recording information about each lighting state either onto paper or into the memory of a computerised lighting board for subsequent playback. (in USA, this term is used for a lighting plan and a lights session is when lighting states are set up.)
Linnebach Projector
Lensless system for projecting a shape from a gel or glass slide etc. placed in front of a floodlight onto the set. Often used for shadow effects.
Magic Sheet
shows light crew/designer all positions and numbers of instruments for easy access, especially during refocus
Merrow Machine
brand name of a sewing machine company
Photometric Data
Information for measuring light/brightness. Foot Candles.
the material that imparts color to a paint or dye
Plano-Convex Lens
a lens with one flat and one outward curving surface
a glass color medium for use with striplights; frequently has diffusing properties
Socapex or Veam
Types of lighting cables
an electronic switch which will pass current when triggered until the current passing through it falls to zero. Essential component of stage lighting dimmers. See also TRIAC.
A purified lac in the form of thin yellow or orange flakes, often bleached white and widely used in varnishes, paints, inks, sealants, and formerly in phonograph records
– a muslin mock – up of a costume, before the expensive costume material is cut, the pattern is cut from muslin, fit to the actor and adjusted as necessary
Smooth Base Coat
an even first coat of paint, usually done with a roller
a technique of applying a relatively smooth covering of evenly spaced small droplets of paint to a surface
to paint, engrave, or draw by means of dots or small touches of the brush, pen, or other tool.
A sample of fabric to demonstrate the material to use on a costume or set design, or a sample of lighting gel. A catalogue of all the gel colours made be a particular manufacturer is called a SWATCH BOOK.
Throw distance
how far light from an instrument travels from its hanging position to the center of its focus area
Tungsten-Halogen Lamp
an invention that addressed the problem of short lamp life. the halogen lamp, also called the tungsten-halogen lamp, the quartz-halogen lamp or the quartz-iodine lamp, wherein a tungsten filament is sealed into a small envelope filled with a halogen gas such as iodine or bromine
the liquid medium – water, oil, lacquer and the like – in which pigments, fillers and binders are suspended to create paint; after paint is applied the vehicle evaporates
Vinyl Acrylic Concentrate/Paint
a highly saturated pigment with a vinyl acrylic binder; mixed with an opaque base (for tints) or a transparent base (for fully saturated hues) to create a working paint
the unit of electromotive force and electrical potential difference between two points in an amp of current, projecting one watt of power
the SI unit for power, equal to the power produce by one amp acting across the a potential difference of one volt
a white powder extender, basically low grade chalk used to increase the covering powered of a dry pigment and binder paint
Props are for...
Historical Period, Mood, Style, Define Action, Define Character
4 Types of Props
Hand Props(phone, food, etc), Set Props (furniture), Set Dressing (posters...), SFX not done w/ lights
paints and brushes
primer, glaze, lay-in brush, fitch, sash
4 Binders:
Acrylic, Latex, Casein, Vinyl
8 Painting Techniques
Wet Blend, Scumble, Spatter, Spatter and Drag, Pounce, Dry Brush, Stipple, Roll Smooth
Costumes are for...
Historical Period, Location, Climate/Season, Socio-economic Status, Personality, Occassion, Fashion Sense, Age/Social Role, Profession, Identify groups (sharks v jets), spectacle, message of play, time of day, Sex/Sexual Orientation, Mood/Style, Mental State, Emotion
Costume building process
Designers-Meet director, discuss, research, make renderings.

Costume Management-Pull from stock, buy, rent if possible

Cutter Drapers- Use Rendering, Measurements and Dress mold to create muslin mockup. Then cut fabric based on adjusted mockup pattern

Stitchers- stitch it all together

Fitting 1- adjustments made

Fitting 2- adjustments if needed but usually not necessary so details added.
Lighting is for...
Mood/Emotion, Time of Day, Direction of Audience Focus, Inside/Outside, Weather/Season, Enhancing Beauty, Visibility, Special FX,blackouts and transitions frame structure of play and keep pace, character
4 Choices about each light
Position, Color, Size/Shape of Beam, Brightness/Intensity
4 Categories of Lighting Equipment
Instrument/Fixture, Dimmer, Control, Distribution
5 Categories of Lighting Instruments
Spotlight, Floodlight, Projector, Automated Fixture, Practical