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What is another name for EMF?
What are six ways EMF can be generated?
What is the main advantage of electro-magnetism?
It can be switched on and off.
What is the most effective method of electricity generation?
Electro-magnetic induction.
What factors does the generator output depend on?
Speed of Rotation,
Strength of Magnetic Field,
Number of Windings.
What is the main disadvantage with generators?
They weigh alot more than alternators.
Does a practical generator produce AC or DC voltage?
What is a commutator?
When a practical generator's slip rings are replaced with split rings to produce DC voltage. The split rings are known as a commutator.
Inducing Voltage (IDA) =
DC to AC
Rectifying Voltage (RAD) =
AC to DC
Can you start an alternator without a battery?
No, alternators unlike generators must be excited.
Are alternators fitted with rectifiers or inducers?
Rectifiers to convert AC to DC
What is a stator?
A stationary loop.
What is a rotor?
A Rotating Magnet.
What kind of diode is used for rectifying?
Silicone Diode
What is a reverse current relay?
A relay which allows current to flow in one direction only.
What does a '0' Centre Ammeter show?
Battery Condition,
Charge Rate,
Discharge Rate.
How long should you wait before resetting a circuit breaker?
2-3 minutes or until it is cool.
How many times can you reset a circuit breaker during a flight?
What are microswitches designed for?
Detecting small movements. Used on undercarriage and door locks.