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Define Technology
means by which we try to improve our people made world
Where do you find technology?
it's all around us
List the seven areas of technology
medical, construction, agriculture and biotechnology, information and communication, transportation, power and energy, and manufacturing
the development of techniques and the produciton of products to aid the human body es. artifical limbs, x-rays, and pacemaker
the process of building structures such as buildings, tunnels, dams roads and bridges
Bio- the use of living cells to create new products es. genetic engineering Agri.- the business of producing plants and animals for food, clothing and other products. ex. hydroponics
the movement of ideas and information; provides a means of collecting, organizing, storing, send, and processing information
applies to the movemnt of goods and people from one place to another
provides the means by which work is done and movement created
the process of creating products in a factory
What is science
The study of our natural world
Give an example of how science and technology work together
they do not...but they help one another..ex. pacemaker
List the eight basic nedds of people
food, water, shelter,healthcare, protection, transportation, communication, and recreation
How do people satisfy basic needs with technology
we use our knowledge, tools, skills, and resources to solve practical and emerging problems
Explain the Agricultural Era
people began to band together into villages, people soon specialized in divinsion of labor, sickle, how and plow emerged, cottage industry emerged which is people working out of their homes, and the economy was based on agriculture
Explain the Industrial Era
began with the Industrial Revolution, people moving from rural eras to urban eras to obtain work, steam engine was the driving horse behind the industrial revolution, and it has a factory based economy
Explain the Information Era
began with the inroduction of computers, the major technology is computer, a service base economy, and home offices= electronic cottages
List the seven resources of technology
people, information, tools and machines, materials, energy, time and capital
List the three roles people play as a resource of technology
people are consumers of technology, create technology, and govern technology
What is a consumer
people who buy or use a product
What is an entreprenueur
forms or starts their own business which may be based on and invention or innovation
What is an innovation
a change to an already existing product
what is ergonomics
human factors engineering
How do people govern technology
by creating rules and laws to try to maintain control over the impacts
how is worker safety provided for
OSHA creates regulations desgned to crate better working conidions, regulations are designed to protect the health and welfare
What does OSHA stand for
Occupational Safety Health Administration
what is the UL
underwriters labortory, tests products to ensure they work safely
What are product safety laws
designed to protect consumers from products that might be unsafe
What is the EPA
Environmetal Protecion Agnecy, created ot protect our land, air, and water
Define Energy
the ability to do work and create movement
What are the major forms of energy
Mechanical, electrial, light, heat, chemical, sound, and atomic
energy found in moving things
the flow of electrons through wrie
energy stored in a chemical
Explain an energy conversion
Energy changes from one form to another ex. hammer hitting a nail