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What is a BTU?
British Thermal Unit. Measure of energy. 1 BTU = 1Lb of water to 1°C.
What is Volatility?
Vapour forming characteristics of the fuel.
Volatile means will evaporate easily.
What is 100/130 Octane?
100 - Lean
130 - Rich
What is vapour locking and what reduces it?
When fuel vapourises before reaching the carbeurator causing bubbles to form in the fuel lines. The booster pump is designed to reduce this.
What are the 3 causes of vapour lock?
High Altitude,
Turbulence and sloshing in tanks,
Bends in fuel Lines.
Fuel grades above 100 are known as what instead of octane ratings?
Performance Ratings.
What colour is AVGAS and JETA1
AVGAS is Green,
JETA1 is Clear/Straw
Should you ever use a lower octane rating?
What are the three types of fuel tanks?
What is CrossFeed and CrossFlow?
Crossfeed is fuel tank to engine,
Crossflow is fuel tank to fuel tank.
What position must the primer be at when the engine is running?
What is a Boost (Auxilary) Pump?
Supplies extra fuel when:
Emergency situations arise,
Purge fuel lines of vapour locks,
Provide fuel under pressure,
Prime the cylinders.