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What is the definition of natural non-religious faith?
Accepting something as true through another person's testimony
What are two characteristics of a reliable authority?
knowledge of the truth and a willingness to communicate it reliably
What are two definitions of supernatural faith?
1. Belief in God
2. Believing God; believing what he says
Why do religious people belive in what God says?
Beause of God's supreme authority: He knows all things and always communicates truthfully. he can neither deceive nor be deceived.
What is meant when the Catechism states that faith is a grace?
The Church teaches that God assists man in his believing through divind assistance and the aid of the Holy Spirit.
What are motives of credibility?
External proofs provided by God which appeal to reason to make belief easier such as miracles.
What would be a brief account of the history of revelation?
God reveals himself incrementally through Abraham, Moses, and the prophets
For Christians, in what event does revelation culminate?
Revelation culminates in the coming of Christ, the only Son of the Father. When God reveals himself through Christ, he says everything he has to say all at once.
In the New Testament, are just the teachings of Jesus important, or is revelation more?
Christ is a person, therefore everything about him is revelatory. His teachings, his actions, his emotions and his identity all reveal God to those who believe in Christ.
What are the most prominent of Jesus' actions?
passion, death and resurrection
Give an example of Jesus' emotions as they are expressed in Christian writings?
weeping at the grave of Lazarus
What Christian teaching reflects most on Jesus' identity?
Were all the books about Jesus and the apostles available to the early Church considered authentic?
No. Mostly aftre the New Testament Scriptures were written, apocryphal (false) books began to appear written by groups which deviated from the original witnesses.
What are some examples of apocryphal writings?
Gospel of Peter, The Secret Gospel of Mark, The Gospel of Bartholomew, The Gospel of Nicodemus.
Name an apocryphal writing that is easily identified as false and one which is not easily identified.
easily identified: Infancy Gospel of Thomas is at odds with the authentic memory of Christ
difficulty to identify: The Gospel of Peter compiled stories from the canonical gospels only difference is that Jesus does not suffer at crucifixion.
What significant task did Pope Damasus undertake in 382 A.D.?
He convoked the Synod, a gathering of bishops to determine which books ought to be accepted as authentic.
Who else, besides the bishops was at the Synod of 382?
Scripture authority Jerome
What does the Catholic tradition mean by Apostolic Tradition?
The authentic transmission of what God has revealed in and through Christ to the apostles.
What are ecclesial traditions? Examples.
customs passed along unrelated to the official transmission of divine revelation. Some examples include customs for papal election, the Swiss guard.
What are some extra-Biblical ways in which the truth concerning Christ has been passed down through tradition?
Liturgy, particularly the Eucharist; the witness of holy life
In Catholic understanding, are teachings transmitted by Scripture necessarily different from those transmitted by Tradition, or can the same teachings be passed along by both?
The Catholic Church teaches that the same truths of God's revellation can be found both in Scripture and Tradition.
What is original sin?
The effects of the sin of our first parents--Adam and Eve.
Is original sin properly a sin?
No, sin properly speaking is a choice against God's will and human good. "Original Sin" is not "sin" in that sense.
Which New Testament doctrine would have to be radically reinterpreted in original sin were to be denied?
Salvation: if there were no original sin, from what would Christ have saved Christians followers?
What are the disruptions of original harmony mentioned in class, and how are they reflected in the second creation account?
Alienation from God (sin, hiding from God, eviction from the Garden); alienation between persons (Adam blames Eve, their relationship becomes marked by lust and domination); nature (toil)
What were Christ's teachings concerning love?
Matthew: Love of enemies and forgiveness of enemies
Can Christ's suffering on the cross itself be understood as being a sign of love?
yes in the teachings of Christ where he says there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. Christ's sufferings are interpreted by Christian's as sign of how much he was willing to endure to be faithful and loving to his followers.
How does Christ save Christians?
Death on the cross is salvific, expels demons, heals the sick, raises the dead, forgives sins
How does Christ overcome an act of sin?
by means of an act of perfect faithfulness and love for the Father.