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What is the DPA system?
Design - design the instructional unit
Plan - Form daily lesson plans
Act - Develop an instructional action plan for each day
What is the Instructional Design Template?
A template used to help educator in the first phase of planning to envision the instruction holistically, as an entire unit.
What is done in the Act Phase?
Teacher takes care of the small details essential to the lesson, projector, supplies, etc.
Who developed the Dynamic Instructional Design Model (DID)?
Robert Gagne
Why is the DID model special?
It is built around continuous internal and external feedback to ensure the process is maximally effective
When does Formative Feedback occur?
At each step in the DID model (pg 49), while the learning event is still in progress.
What is Summative Feedback?
Feedback that is returned at the end of the process.
What are the Formative & Summative Feedback Loops?
1) Know the learners
2) State your objectives
3) Establish the environment
4) Identify teaching & learning strategies
5) Identify & select technologies
6) Perform a summative evaluation
What are Performance Objectives
These are objectives that specify what the learner should be able to do at the end of the lesson.
What is Bloom's Taxonomy
Describes 6 levels of knowledge ranging from simple recall to the evaluation. In evaluation the the learner makes value decisions.
What are the benefits of well designed teaching plans?
Teaching plans improve teaching and learning.
What are 'Teaching Strategies"?
Teaching strategies are the methods carried out by the teacher.
What are 'Learning Strategies'?
Learning strategies are the techniques and activities that you will require your students to engage in.
What is 'Pedagogical Cycle'?
A sequence of methods that promote effective instruction.
What is meant by 'Media'?
Media are the technologies that support methods.
What is meant by 'Methods'?
Methods are the actions and activities that a teacher uses to communicate a concept.
What is a 'Summative Evaluation'?
Final review of the entire process.
What is the 'Instructional Action Plan' (IAP)?
The IAP is the lesson plan's to-do list.
What is included in the IAP?
1) Preparation activities
2) Get classroom ready
3) List teaching/learning activities
4) Create personal prompts
5) List supporting technologies