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a steep series of bunps on a ski hill
a straight run down a ski slope with no turns
noun or verb
going downward
steep, narrow path
deep narro valley
what is the setting of tdrwm
a mountain called devils mountain in Vermont in the 1980's in Febuary at 5 pm
what are the characters in tdrwm
joe simpson: the main character is 15 years old and wants to be a pro skiier
Mr. simpson: joes dad
devil:lives in the mountain
ski patrolmen: wakes joe up
what are the conflicts in tdrwm
joe vs devil: human vs supernatural
joe vs himself: internal conflict
joe vs mountain: human vs nature
what is the climax in tdrwm
when joe sees the burn mark on his hand
what are the themes in tdrwm
1)dont sell your soul 2)dont sell yoourself 3)dont be greedy
what is the point of view in tdrwm
1st person(joes eyes)
what is the setting of har
in a suburban town(harding ave.) in the fall in the past
who are the characters in har
mary berris: hit and run victim, mother of two small children
Walter Post: hit and run detective
Wade Addams:can drive, father of two, vice president of an insurance comp.
Gary Addams:son who can drive, senior in HS
Girl Addams: daughter 14 years
Janet Addams: mother and can drive
Thompson: guy who hit Mary Berris, mechanic at parchmin moters
what are some conflicts in har
walter vs himself: internal conflict
berris family vs thompson: person vs person
gary vs parents:person vs person
thompson vs walter post:person vs person
what is the irony
after they talked to gary Addams
what are the themes in har
1)expect the unexpected
2)dont run from your problems
what is the point of view in har
3rd person