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This is a file based plug in, where processing is done by the host CPU.
This is a plug in used on TDM systems only. It has real time processing done by DSP chips on a card.
This is a host based real time plug in, processing done by host CPU.
This type of RTAS plug in processes multiple channels in a unified environment.
This type of RTAS plug in can apply different effect settings to each mono channel independently.
True or False: Multi-mono processors use more DSP than multi channel
All parameters for plug in setting are stored in...
the session file
This window displays the current status of system resources
System usage window
A _________ is an audio pathway used to route audio signals within the system.
What is the max amount of timeslots at 48kHz in HD?
How long does it take to process compression or EQ on a track?
It depends on the plug in, but its always greater than 0 samples
What is a delay caused by processing and routing?
DSP delay
What is the typical range of DSP delay?
4 to 100 samples (high 1000 samples)
How do you measure DSP delay on a track?
command click on the volume display
How do you compensate for DSP delay?
Use a time adjuster plug in or use automatic delay compensation
This plug in is used to delay an unprocessed track to match the DSP delay of a processed track
Time Adjuster
This maintains time alignment across tracks with different processing delays. It delays each track enough to align with the track with the largest DSP delay.
Delay Compensation
In delay compensation view, the largest delay is.....
shown in red
In Pro Tools LE, delay compensation is not always necessary because....
All tracks are time aligned at the hardware buffer (CPU)
What is a BUS?
an internal audio pathway
How many buses are there in Pro Tools HD?
How can you tell if a signal bus clips?
master fader's meters
How do you fix clipping at a bus?
use master fader to trim
How many voices are used by a mult?
Only those used by original tracks
Is there a way to create a key input other than by using a Send?
Multiple track output
How do you assign multiple track outputs?
Control click on track output
Routing outputs of multiple tracks through a bus to an Aux is....
a Subgroup
A subset of audio tracks (typically used in a film soundtrack) is....
a Stem
Subgroups can be used to bounce....
This type of group applies to mix functions
Mix Group
This type of group applies to edit functions
Edit Group
How many user defined groups can you have?
104, with 4 banks of 26 group ID's
What cannot be grouped?
voice assignment, output assignment, inserting plugins
This is a group within another group....
Nested group
If a group member is hidden...
Only mix functions will apply to hidden track, not edit.
A circle group symbol means....
Some members of that group are selected.
A solid dot group symbol means....
All members of that group are selected, but no others
A bullseye group symbol means...
All members of that group are selected, plus others
This is a remote control of a mix group in which no audio passes through.
VCA master track