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What is a Tragic Hero?
A good person with a fatal flaw.
What is Hubris?
too much pride because then you put yourself on the same level as the gods.
What is Catharsis?
purging of tragic emotion specifically pity and fear. must happen to the audience.
Stock Characters:
- Lovers: did not wear masks, most realistic.

- Masters: old man with cheating young wife, young man who likes war, crazy old guy.

- Servents: Zanni, cleverest or stupidest.
Who is Zanni:
Arlecchino: a.k.a Hurlequin
so stupid and accidently causes things to happen or purposfully.
What is Lazzi:
Stage business that you expect to see from one of the, or some of the, stage actors.
When was melodrama started and when was it popular?
started: 1700's France
popular: 1800's Europe after it had spread.
What event had a tremendous impact on melodrama?
Industrial Revolution:
- mechanization
- ben hur
- train
What is poetic Justice?
When people get what they deserve
Where was Henrik Ibsen from?
Skien, Norway. Born 1858
How did realism affect the design of theatres, century?
they became much smaller and much more intimate, 1900's.
What is Eugene Scribe known for?
The "Well made play", came up with the formula but could not execute it himself.
Quid, Pro, Quo?
a scene in which two characters misunderstand something and it complecates the situation even more than it needs to be.
Theatre of Alienation, who created it?:
see mechanics of the theatre: thought that audience should be reminded that they were in the threatre see lighting fixtures etc...

created by: Bertolt Brecht
what is the direct address that Brecht had his actors use?
actors would speak directly to the audience, breaking the fourth wall.
What is "Theatre of Cruelty"?, who came up with the idea?
really attacking the emotional side of the audience and not being afraid to hide anything, make the audience really confront themselves.
- Antonin Artaud
What is Dada based on?
Chaod, Chance, Illogic, and no rules.
Aspects of for profit theatre:
Broadway, off broadway, off-off broadway. Producers, inverstors, any profit the show gets the investors get as well.
Aspects of non-profit theatre:
regional theatre: board, educational outreach, tax-deductable. state/local/fed. grants. Exempt from federal taxes. All of the money that they make goes straight back into the company.
what is the percentage of profit that comes from box office and other sales for theatre?
What percentage of funding does the NEA give?
1% of what they need
what year was the NEA established?
Aristotle's 6 elements of Drama:
1. Plot
2. Character
3. thought/theme
4. music
5. spectacle
6. diction/language
Who were shakespeare's contemporaries?
- George Chapman (1559-1634)
- John Martson (1576-1634)
- John Fletcher (1579-1625)
- Francis Beaumont(1584-1616)
Deus ex machina
God from the machine: used in theatre to solve or get out of a problem.
sudden reverse of circumstances.
the point in the plot especially of a tragedy at which the protagonist recognizes his or her or some other character's true identity or discovers the true nature of his or her own situation
who are the three tragic playwrights?
Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus
2 best american playwrights:
1. tenessee williams
2. arthur miller
?.3. eugene o'niell
Who rote Lysistrata
The women of Athens and sparta plot to stop the war. What is their plot?
to abstain from having sex with the men until they agree to stop fighting
Who is the athenian women encouraging and reminding the other women.
Is Lysistrata a comedy or tragedy?
Is their plan successful?
Yes, at the end of the play, the Spartans and Athenians have stopped fighting and are singing and dancing together.
Who wrote "The Hairy Ape"?
Eugene O'Neill
*The Hairy Ape
The main character goes by the name of:
*The Hairy Ape
This play examines which social problem that was exacerbated by the industrial revolution
Seperation of the upper and lower classes
What does Mildred say that upsets the main character?
"Oh the filthy beast!"
How did the hairy Ape end?
the main character was killed by an angry gorilla, and left in a cage at the zoo.