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Right to bail
All prisoners have a right to bail, except for capital offenses when proof is evident
Waiver of indictment
Except in a capital case, a person may waive indicment in open court or by indicment when represented by counsel
Outlawry and Tansportation
Nobody may be outlawed from the state nor shall they be transported out of the state for offenses commited in the same.
Privilege of Legislators
Senators and Reps shall, except in treason, felony or breach of peace, be privileged from arrest during the seesions of legislature, going to and from, allowing one day for every 20 miles such memeber resides from the place where they are convened
Public Trial
All proceedings and trials in ALL courts shall be public
Confronted by witnesses
The defendant, upon trial, shall be confronted with witnesses, except in certain cases provided where depositions have been taken
Common Law Governs
If the code fails to provide a rule in any state of case, the rules of common law shall be applied and govern.
Territorial Jurisdiction
The state has jurisdiciton over an offense which one is criminally responsible if
Criminal Attempt
An offense of criminal attempt is one category lower than the offense attempted. If a state jail felony offense is attempted, the classifaction is a Class A misdemeanor
Criminal Conspiracy
w/ intent to commit a felonly-agrees w/ 1 or more persons they engage in conduct that would constitute and offense and he or another perform an overt act in persuance of the agreement.
An offense is one category lower than the most serious felony commited. If state jail felony, the offense is a Class A misdemeanor