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As a group, the Pacific Islands are called...
In the southwestern Pacific lie two places that are often considered part of Oceania. These are?
New Zealand and the continent of Australia
What two categories do most Pacific Islands fall into? (And describe what they are created by/made of?)
High islands- created by volcanoes
low islands- made of coral reefs
New Zealand has two main islands, which are?
North Island and South Island
The land mass known as Australia is the...
smallest continent on earth
What is the Great Dividing Range?
A chain of islands running roughly parallel to the eastern coast.
What is the fifth largest continent?
To sail the vast ocean, Pacific Islanders developed huge...
voyaging canoes
The U.S. government chose ___________ as a site for atomic weapons tests because it lay far away from regular shipping and air travel routes.
Bikini Atoll
China ruled northern _______ from 111 B.C. to A.D. 939.
Two religions spread from India and influenced religion and art in much of Southeast Asia. They were?
Hinduism and Buddhism
Define Mandalas.
States organized as rings of power around a central court.
_____ within the region was important to their economies.
The goal of most of these Europeans was to obtain ______.
Oceania is divided into three regions:
Micronesia-"tiny islands"
Melanesia- "black islands"
Polynesia- "many islands"
British captain __________ was the first European to visit many of the Pacific islands.
James Cook
What is the world's largest coral reef?
The Great Barrier Reef
The unpopulated inland region of Australia is called the ________?
An outrigger canoe...
has a frame, with an attached float, extending from one side. It is used in lagoons.
An atoll is a...
ringlike coral island or string of small islands surrounding a lagoon.
The Great Wall of China:
-Goes from the yellow sea to the Gobi desert.
-It took over 200 years to build.
-It was built to keep invaders out.
The Kunlun Mountains provide what for China?
Most of the water.
China has three great rivers:
-Huang He (yellow river)
-Chang Jiang (Yangtze River)
-Xi Jiang (West River)
What is another name for the yellow river?
"China's sorrow." because of the terrible floods it has caused.
The Gobi desert is located in two countries:
Mongolia and China
China is the world's...
oldest continuous civilization
Define dynasty.
A series of rulers from the same family.
What was the first Chinese dynasty?
The Shang.
Define the Qing Dynasty.
The last dynasty in China, and it lost power in 1911.
Define spheres of influence.
When a group of nations have joint control over one nation.
The five countries of the sphere of influence that controlled China in the 1900's:
Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan, and France.
The Chinese unsuccessfully tried to end the spheres of influence during the...
Boxer Rebellion.
Define Three Gorges Dam.

It is being built on the Chang Jiang in China. The dam will help to control flooding along the great rivers. It will be 600 feet high and will span a valley more than one mile wide.
The three positives of the Three Gorges Dam:

-The dam will help control the frequent flooding of the Chang Jiang, which causes great damage and loss of life.
-The dam will generate huge amounts of electrical power.
-The dam will make it easier for ships to reach China's interior.
The major negative of the Three Gorges Dam is:

The impact on the environment.
China has three major
Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.
____________ was a Mongol emperor and his name means "_______ _________".
Genghis Khan

"supreme conqueror"
Taiwan was originally called...
Define Pacific Rim.
A country in Asia which borders the Pacific Ocean.
Define Yurt.
A Mongolian tent.
Ulaanbatar is the capital of:
Ancient Korea was divided into 3 areas called:
The Three Kingdoms.
The first area in Korea was called:
The largest city in South Korea:
The largest city in North Korea:
The red sun on the Japanese flag sumbolizes:
Amaterasu, the sun godess.
The Jappanese call their country:
Define Samurai.
A Japanese professional soldier.
Who ended Japan's isolation in 1953?
U.S. Navy Commodore Matthew Perry.
Define Mt. Fuji.
The best-known landform in Japan.
The countries that the Jakota triangle consists of are:
Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.
Define Archipelago.
a set of closely grouped islands, which sometimes form a curved arc.
Define Oceania.
The islands of the Pacific.
The only inhabited continent that lies completely in the Southern Hemisphere is:
Define the Outback.
The interior of Australia.
Antarctica is called the...
polar desert.
Define Voyaging canoe.
had double hulls. They were used mainly in the ocean.
The U.S. tested Nuclear weapons in 1950s on the...
Bikini Atoll. (The Marshall islands in the Pacific)
Thailand was originally called...
Define Indochina.
A French colony made up of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.
ASEAN stands for:
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Define ASEAN.
An alliance that promotes economic growth and peace in the region.
The islands of Oceanis are divided into three regions:
-Micronesia: "tiny islands"
-Melanesia: "black islands"
-Polynesia "many islands"
Define penal colony.
A place to send prisoners.
Define Aboriginal people.
The original people of Australia.
New Zealand was first settled by...
the Maori.
The Maori term for white people is...
Australia's original name was...
New South Wales.
Define Assimilation.
Occurs when a minority group gives up its culture and adopts the majority group's culture.
Define Tierra del Fuego.
The southernmost tip of South America.
The Sierra Madre mountains are in...
The Andes Mountains are in...
South America.
Define Tenochtitlan.
(Was the Aztec Capital) the present-day site of Mexico City.
What are people of a mixed Spanish and Native American heritage?
Define isthmus.
A small strip of land connecting two larger pieces of land.
The Panama canal connects...
The Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.
A large landmass that is smaller than a continent is a...
South Asia is usually called the...
"Indian subcontinent."
The Incas controlled most of...
South America.
The capital of the Inca Civilization was...
Define Oligarchy.
Government by the few.
What is an economic common market in South America?
The Treaty of Tordesillas...
Divided South America between the Spanish and the Portugese.
What country has the largest Japanese population in the world outside of Japan?
What country has the largest Catholic population in the world?
Define Oligarchy.
Government by the few.
What is an economic common market in South America?
The Treaty of Tordesillas...
Divided South America between the Spanish and the Portugese.
What country has the largest Japanese population in the world outside of Japan?
What country has the largest Catholic population in the world?