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Handset sales increase China 2006?
Mobile phone sales in China grew by 40% YOY to 120 million units in the year 2006
Handset sale forcast China 2007?
Mobile phone sales in China expected to grow by 25% to 150 million
expected by Xie Linzhen, Deputy Chief, China Mobile Communications Association (CMCA).
Who is Xie Linzhen?
Xie Linzhen: Deputy Chief, China Mobile Communications Association (CMCA).
What is the Chinese "CMCA"?
China Mobile Communications Association (CMCA)
Deputy Chief: Xie Linzhen
What is the Chinese "Xinhua"?
Xinhua is a news Agency.
Standpoint of FCC towards mobiles on airpanes?
Not acceptable. The FCC's concern is interference with other cell phone signals on the ground.
Standpoint of FAA towards mobiles on airplanes?
The Federal Aviation Administration bans the use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices for fear they will interfere with navigational and communications systems.
American FCC?
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
What is the American FAA?
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Why do airphones not interfere with cellphones on the ground?
Airphones installed in cabins use a special frequency that operates outside the range of regular cellular phones.
Which car burnt during the DTM Presentation DDrf. 2007?
Mercedes C-Class driven by Bruno Spengler
Which DTM drivers race for Mercedes?
Mika Häkkinen
Bernd Schneider
Bruno Spengler
Susie Stoddart
How many residents live in St. Ingbert?
Landkreis Sankt Ingbert had 82.039 residents in 1970. Source: Wikipedia
Nationality of Mika Häkkinen?
Mika Häkkinen: Finnland
Nationality of Bernd Schneider?
Bernd Schneider: Germany, St. Ingbert
Nationality of Bruno Spengler?
Bruno Spengler: Canada
A DTM car has how many horsepowers?
DTM car: 470 PS
Nationality of Susie Stoddart?
Susie Stoddart: UK
Which non German races take place in DTM 2007?
Brands Hatch/UK
Who is driving in DTM for Audi?
Audi: Vanina Ickx
Nationality of Vanina Ickx?
Vanina Ickx: Belgium
Winner DTM 2006?
Bernd Schneider, Mercedes
Which Mercedes model is used for DTM 2007?
Mercedes C-Class
Which Audi model is used for DTM 2007?
High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA)
Vodafone: up to 1.45Mbit/s
High Speed OFDM Packet Access (HSOPA)
aka Long Term Evolution (LTE)
aka Super 3G
potential successor of 3G
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
aka Coded OFDM (COFDM)
- digital multi-carrier modulation scheme
- uses a large number of closely-spaced orthogonal sub-carriers
Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
- aims to provide wireless data over long distances, in a variety of different ways
Vodafone mobile broadbad speed?
HSDPA: up to 7.2Mbit/s downlink
HSUPA: up to 1.45Mbit/s uplink
High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
HSPA Family?
High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA)
High Speed OFDM Packet Access (HSOPA)
HSOPA speed?
HSOPA speed aiming at:
downlink: 100Mbps
uplink: 50Mbps
VF DE data network upgrade plan?
- speed of 3.6 Mbit/s in the whole UMTS area until summer 2007
- EDGE rollout until end of 2007
Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE)
Push Mailbox service?
Mailbox via Voice MMS, VF DE: Summer 2007
VF DE tarif, flatrate for Europe+USA within homezone
Vodafone Navigator?
VF DE navigation for BlackBerry & VPA, Euro5/month
Deutsche Bahn, Vodafone to develop NFC-based e-ticketing: Touch&Travel
DB e-ticketing?
Touch&Travel: Vodafone to develop NFC-based e-ticketing
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Developed in 2002 by NXP Semiconductors (formeer Philips) and Sony entwickelt
Vodafone Traffic Online?
Vodafone Traffic Online:
method generating real-time traffic information from GSM signalling data and identifying mobility patterns
Live! content discovery: Discover and purchase live! content for the mobile directly from any TV
Vodafone ComBar?
Vodafone ComBar: sending SMS and MMS directly from the Internet browser
VF image and face recognition technologies?
Look a like
Visual Search
Visual Music Download
VF Look a like?
send picture via MMS to short code. Picture will be compared with others and picture with most similarities will be sent back
VF Visual Search?
picture will be sent to server and matched with other entries. User will receive additional information about the object
VF Visual Music Download?
user takes picture of CD cover and sends it to server. Matching of picture with database and link to download songs or buy the CS will be sent back
T-Mobile Network upgrade plans?
Network upgrade plans:
EDGE rollout Q3 2007
Larger internet coverage on the German high-speed trains (ICE). End of 2007 up to 50 trains with internet connection
DT Labs MediaScout?
Explores, gathers information and analyses user’s choice of VoD
Makes recommendations for suitable content regarding the taste of the specific user group
T-Mobile direct access to 5 most called contacts
- in talks with mobile phone manufacturers
- rolled out in the US
Web’n’walk 3.0?
Web 2.0
Direct flickr upload
T-Mobile Push eMail?
flat rate €3.95/month
push from up to 5 mailboxes
100MB mailbox
virus protection
Number DE T-Mobile WLAN Hotspots?
T-Mobile 8,600 HotSpots in DE
Office on a USB stick?
T-Mobile product
Implemented Smartcard (Personal ID function)
access to the company database
stick encrypts the saved data
DT’s new videoconferencing solution
65-inch TFT displays for showing life-size images
T-Mobile maps objects on a map with corresponding Wikipedia entries
The Virtual Cocktail Party?
- conferencing
- audio signals spatially in three dimensions
Multiaccess superdistribution?
T-Mobile Alternative approach for transferring protected digital content between mobile phones and PCs
Photo finder?
T-Mobile Online photo manager supporting face and object recognition
Which agreement on portal search for 2007 did O2 settle?
O2: Google to integrate search engine starting summer 2007
How does O2 position itself?
O2 positions itself as Full Service Provider offering Voice and Data Services @Home and on the Move
Keytrend on CeBIT 2007?
CeBIT 2007 Key Trend: Evolution not Revolution
In which year's CeBIT was the keytrend: Evolution not Revolution
CeBIT 2007 Keytrend: Evolution not Revolution
CeBIT 2006 Trends?
CeBIT 2006 Trends:
- VoIP
- Wireless Broadband
- Mobile TV
CeBIT 2007 Trends?
CeBIT 2007 Trends:
Evolution not Revolution
- Digital Lifestyle
- Telematics and Navigation
T-One: former WLAN/GSM product of Deutsche Telekom
World biggest maker of mobile phone chips?
Texas Instruments
New plant of Texas Instruments?
TI to build a $1 billion plant in the Philippines.
video compression standard aka MPEG-4 Part 10
aka AVC (Advanced Video Coding)
MPEG-4 Part 10
video compression standard aka MPEG-4 Part 10
aka AVC (Advanced Video Coding)
video compression standard aka MPEG-4 Part 10
aka AVC (Advanced Video Coding)