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What are the taxas? (in order)
What is an archaebacteria?
unicellular, Prokaryotic, chemotroph/autotroph/heterotroph, asexual and sexual

The first known bacteria, not very complex
What is a Eubacteria?
Prokaryotic, unicellular, heterotroph/autotroph, asexual/sexual

more complex than archaebacteria
What is a Eubacteria?
Prokaryotic, unicellular, heterotroph/autotroph, asexual/sexual

The junk drawer, anything that does not quite belong in the other kingdoms goes in this kingdom
What is Fungi
colonial (accept for 2-- yeast is unicellular & mushrooms are multicellular), eukaryotic, heterotroph, asexual/sexual

these are funguses, much more complex than last three (has a nucleus and more organelles)
What is plantae?
multicellular, autotroph, eukaryotic, Asexual(for indavidual repairs)/sexual(for continuation of species)
What is anamalia?
multicellular, eukaryotic, heterotroph, asexual (for repairs to self)/sexual (for continuation of species)

most advanced kingdom
what does unicellular mean?
the entire species is only made up of one cell
what does colonial mean?
a group of cells live together to make one species, but when cut up make several little species (does not need the other cells to survive)
what does multicellular mean?
a group of cells work together and if cut apart will die.
what does prokaryotic mean?
the organism has no nucleus and no membrane bound organelles
what does eukaryotic mean?
an organism containing one or more cells with a visible nucleus and organelles
what does chemotroph mean?
an organism that is able to get its energy from inorganic material
what does autotroph mean?
an organism that is able to make its own food
what does heterotroph mean?
an organism that relies on other organisms for food
what does asexual mean?
being able to reproduce without another organism
what does sexual reproduction mean?
needing another organism in order to reproduce.