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Six of Wands
Triumph, acclaim, pride, self-assurance, good news, fulfillment
Seven of Wands
Being aggressive, defiant, showing conviction, taking a stand, opposition, challenge
Page of Wands
Be creative, confident, enthusiastic, and courageous. Good news/opportunities, refers to messages/info of concern
Eight of Wands
Quick action, conclusion, receiving news, fast pace, end of delays, new ideas, communication
King of Wands
Creative, being in charge, inspiring, forceful, bold, charismatic, activity, generosity, maturity
Ten of Wands
Trying to do too much,feeling burdened, struggling, pressure, improved status, determination
Nine of Wands
Defending yourself, persevering, stamina, fortification, protecting, ability to overcome
Knight of Wands
Change in the air, new people or ideas, change of environment, quick decisions.
Actions:charming/superficial, confident/cocky, daring/foolhardy, adventurous/restless
Queen of Wands
Balanced family/career, ambition, attractive, wholehearted, energetic, cheerful, self-assured
Ace of Wands
New life, using creative force, enthusiasm, confidence, courage, optimism
Three of Wands
Exploring the unknown, having foresight, leadership, new project, initial success, teamwork
Five of Wands
Conflict, disagreement, competition, hassles, obstacles, exciting challenge, self-doubt
Two of Wands
Having personal power, being bold, showing originality, ambition, growth, prosperity through hard work
Four of Wands
Celebration, freedom, excitement, contentment, blessings, success, productivity