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Ark of the Covenant
The wooden chest or box in which the Israelites kept the two stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments.
It was kept in the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle and, later, of the Temple. The mercy seat on top of the
Ark of the Covenant was the place where God’s presence was tangibly manifested among His people.
Made of brass.
any law, order, or direction that must be obeyed
a vestment worn by the ancient Hebrew priests, especially the high priest, in performing sacred duties.
companionship, comradeship, friendship.
a bowl or basin to wash in, especially the large brazen vessel used by the Hebrew priests for their own ritual washings and the washing of the sacrifices in the Tabernacle and the Temple.
an animal or other thing offered to God or a god; any valuable thing given up for the sake of something else.
Hebrew sacrifices were intended to ceremonially remove the punishment due to a sinner by inflicting it on the sacrificial animal instead, thereby restoring fellowship between the sinner and God. They could also express devotion or gratitude, depending on the context.
literally “tent,” especially the covered wooden framework carried by the Jews for use as a place of worship
during their journey from Egypt to Palestine; also called the Tent of Meeting.
: a collection of 63 books containing the body of Jewish civil and canonical law, derived by
interpretation and
expansion of the teachings of the Old Testament.
the act or fact of making up for something; giving satisfaction for a wrong, loss, or injury and thereby restoring a relationship; amends; reconciliation.
(hallah): a loaf of rich white bread, usually shaped like a braid, eaten by Jews on the Sabbath, holidays, or ceremonial occasions.
Jewish Sabbath ritual, performed to mark the close of the Sabbath.
the Jewish Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, set aside as holy and marked by certain religious ceremonies.
an ancient Hebrew musical instrument made of a curved ram’s horn.
a section of Torah to be read in a weekly synagogue service.