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The founder of Taoism is
Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu must famous writing is
Tao Te Ching
Lao Tzu means
Old master
Lao Tzu believed .....
civilization is the root of all evil.
What are the three dimensions of the Tao?
Ultimate Reality, Nature Universe, Human life/relationship.
Explain the Tao of ultimate reality
1. dynamic/words are fixed
2. every where
3. ineffable
Explain the TAO of Nature/physical universe. Whats its orientations
Immediatly present. Immanent
yin orientation. Individual private life. Emphasis of both philosophical and religious Taoism
What are some personal virtues of the TAO of nature/physical universe?
quiet, solitude, gentleness, humor, simplicity, closeness to nature, humor, relativity, WU Wei
What are some images associated with the TAO?
flowing water, the valley, uncarved block
Explain the Tao of human life/relationship
Yang orientation
EMPHASIS on Confusionism
What are social virutes of TAO of human life/relationship?
Ren, Li, shu, Xian, wen
What are the three schools of TE?
Efficient power, Augmented, Vicarious
What is the emphasis and goal of Efficient power?
Emphasis: managing power
Goal: to live a simple, spiritual life
What is the emphasis and goal of augmented power?
Emphasis: increasing power
goal: to lengthen the life span or attain immortality
How is the augemented power's goal achieved? Through what 3 modes......
by increasing CH'I or by balancing ch'i and ching in the body.

1. matter
2. movement
3. meditation
what is the emphasis and goal of vicarious power.
Emphasis: sharing/transmitting power
Goal: to cultivate rich ritual