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How do you cook and have Da Huang prepared for purging LI?
Cooked for a shorter time (last 5-10 mins) and prefered raw
What are the three major medical functions of Da Huang?
1-Purging LI to relieve Constipation
2-Moving Xue
3-Tx Damp related Jaundice
(4)-Clears Heat Toxicity and Cools Xue
Besides relieving constipation what do downward draining herbs do?
-Treat upper body heat signs and symptoms (an equal function to relieving constipation in order to get heat out of the body)
When do you put Mang Xiao in the formula?
put it in after formula is cooked
Da Huang and Mang Xiao are often used together to purge LI, but what is the difference between the two?
They both purge the LI in different ways, Da Huang promotes LI movements and Mang Xiao softens LI masses (that's why it's salty)
Perfect Combination because of their mutual reinforcement :)
What is (Fan) Xie Ye's dosage?
2-5 or 3-6g, in practice you usually start ~1g to start and use singly and patient gradually increase as needed, b/c people's tolerance greatly differs
What are the classic S/Sx of (Fan) Xie Ye overdose?
nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain/cramping
Lu Hui is a very strong herb and enters what merdian first?
LIV first
Lu Hui is very strong so only use Lu Hui when ...
1-patient has already tried Da Huang and Manh Xiao and they didn't work
2-Pt has constipation and LIV Heat or Fire at the same time
What is Lu Hui's dose range?
very small! 1-2 g and used very rarely in formula
-more commmonly used in capsule/pills 2-5g
What kind of patient should use Moist LAxatives and why?
-weak constitution
-women after childbirth

b/c too weak to use purgatives
What are Huo Ma Ren's Functions?
1-tonifies xue and yin
2-relieves constipation by moistening LI
What are the major uses for Harsh Expellents?
-to treat water retention in chest and abd cavities (which almost also causes watery diarhrea)
-not really used to treat general constipation because it is too strong
What kind of properties are associated with Harsh Expellants?
-mostly toxic or have very strong properties
-only Quian Niu Zi can use up to normal dose (10 g)
Which Herb(s) are C/I with Gan Cao?
Gan Sui

also (Hai Zao (transform phlegm), yuan hua, and da ji)
Most of the purgative herbs are what temperature and taste? What merdians do they mostly enter?
cold and bitter

LI and ST
Which two purgative herbs are C/I in Pregnancy?
Da Huang

and Lu Hui (b/c too strong)
What is Mang Xiao's Latin Name?
Natrii Sulpas
When you should cook Mang Xiao and what's the dose?
10-15g and put in too melt after the formula is done cooking
T or F, Mang Xiao is salty
True-to soften masses (to soften constipation and treat upper body heat S/Sx)
What herb mutually reinforces Da Huang?
Mang Xiao
What is the Latin name for fan xie ye?
Sennae Folium
What is fan xie ye function?

What merdian does it go to?
purge LI to relieve constipation, very strong!!

as strong or possibly stronger then Da Huang!

What is Lu Hui's latin name?
Aloe Herba
What merdians do Lu Hui go to?
LIV First and then ST/LI
What's the dose range for Lu Hui?
2-5 and 1-2 g in capsules(more common)
What 2 herbs in the downward draining category kill parasites?
Lu Hui (roundworms)
Qian Niu Zi (round and tape worms)
What are the two funtions of Huo Ma Ren?
1-relieves constipation by moistening LI
2-Mild Fnx- tonifies yin and xue (specially xue/yin xu related dry stool)
What dose and specially prepration do you use with Huo Ma Ren?
10-30 g
must CRUSH before cooking!
S/Sx of overdose = vomit/nausea, shen problems and in severe cases numbness in fingers and toes
What is the latin name for Yu Li Ren?
Pruni Semen
What are two herbs that can be used with Yu Li Ren to help constipation?
Xing Ren

and Chen Pi (move Qi)
What merdians does Feng Mi enter?
LUNG!!! St, LI
What are the funtions of Feng Mi?
1-gently relieves constipation by moistening LI (also can use for prevention!)
2-Tonifies Qi Xu (specially SP/St Qi Xu)
3-Mild Moisten Lung Dryness (spec lung TB)
What is the dose of Gan Sui and how do you prepare it in order to migate toxicity?
Dose (in China 1.5-3g) in US 0.5-1.5g

Dry stir in wok with vinegar
What are the three functions of Gan Sui?
1-drains water downwards and drives out thin mucous
2-drives out phlegm (shen)
3-clears heat and reduces swelling (EXTERNALLY) damp heat skin lesions spec early stages
What is qian niu zi's latin name?
Pharbitis Semen
What are the three funtions of Qian Niu Zi
1-drains water retention by inducing diarrhea (chest/abd)
2-reduces edema by promoting urination
3-kills LI parasites (round and tape)
Why shouldn't you use ba dou and qian niu zi together?
they cancel eachother out
what is the latin name of ba dou?
crotonis fructus
what is the dose for ba dou?
0.1-0.3 in capsules only
what are the four funtions of ba dou?
1-drains cold stagnation downward (spec cold related constipation)
2-expels water retention (chest/abd)
3-expels cold phlegn stag (spec in throat, throat bi)
4-erodes carbuncles TOPICALLY and crushed - speeds up puss discharge
T or F many of the herbs in the Harsh Expellents are toxic?
In the herbs that drain damp category, the herbs that treat water retention edema by promoting urination, are typically what taste and temp?
Neutral (or Sl. Cold), Sweet, and Bland
What is the difference between Fu Ling and Chi Fu Ling?
-Fu Ling promotes urination to treat edema and also tonifies qi xu (SP Qi Xu)

-Chi Fu Ling treats BOTH water retention and specially Lin Syndrome (b/c sl.cold) Edema but has nothing to due with tonifying qi
What is the difference between Fu Ling and Fu Ling Pi?
-Fu Ling promotes urination to treat edema and also tonifies qi xu (SP Qi Xu)

-Fu Ling Pi can substitue for Fu Ling in order to treat water retention edema but this is a weaker fnx and is specially used for skin edema like in early stages of nephritis where skin edema is close to the surface of the skin
What is the latin name for fu ling pi?
poria cutis
What is the latin name for fu shen?
scler o tium
para radicis

it is the ROOT of the mushroom
What is the main function of fu shen?
calms shen by tonifing yin and xue xu
also has a mild fnx for being a substitue for Fu Ling (promotes urination and tonifies qi)
What is the latin name for zhu ling? What merdians does it enter?

KID and UB
Describe the function of zhu ling treating edema by promoting urination.
-stronger and sl. colder than fu ling (better when heat s/s)
-can be used singlarly for water retention
-tx ACUTE Lin Syndrome
-nothing to due with tonifing
-similar to Chi Fu Ling
-dose is a bit smaller, 3-10g
How are Chi Fu Ling and Zhu Ling Similar and Different?
-they both tx BOTH types of edema, water-retention and Lin Syndrome

Zhu Ling can be
1-used singularly for water retention
2-acute Lin Syndrome
3-has a sl. smaller dose
4-only enters KID/UB
T or F, Chi Fu Ling has nothing to do with tonifying
What are the S/Sx of Shen Problems?
1-sleep problems
2-Ht Palps
What are some common causes of shen problems?
1-Yin/Xue Xu
2-LIV Yang/Fire Rising
3-HT Heat or Fire
4-Damp Phlegm Misting HT orifices
Coicis Semen
1-treats edema by promoting urination (both water retention and specially Lin Syndrome b/c sl. cold)
2-tonifies SP/ST qi xu (b/c sweet) specially for Qi Xu related diarrhea
3-Clears Heat Toxicity to discharge pus (specially Lung and LI Abscess or skin infections b/c puss is involved in all)
-4 Mild Tx Bi Syndrome
What are the entering merdians, tastes, and temp of Yi Yi Ren?

SL. Cold, Sweet, Bland
Describe the use/preperation of Yi Yi Ren.
-commonly used in food therapy, specially for the first two functions of treating edema and tonifing Sp/St Xu

-Dose 10-30g

-as food therapy 60-100 g with rice
What is the latin name for Dong Gua Zi?
Benincasae Semen
What are the major medical functions for dong gua zi?
1-(Mild) Tx edema by promoting urination
2-Clears Heat Toxicity to Discharge Puss
-Specially for LI AND LUNG ABSCESS
What do you need to do before adding Dong Gua Zi to a formula?
What is the latin name for Han Fang Ji?
Stephaniae Tetrandrae Rx
Why is this herb an exception?
most herbs that treat Bi syndrome are warm, this herbs is cold, so it Tx HOT BI SYNDROME!
If available, which species of han fang ji is stronger at promoting urination and which one is stronger at treating Hot Bi Syndrome, even though they both treat both?
Han Fang ji is stronger at promoting urination

Guang Fang Ji is stronger at treating Hot Bi Syndrome
What are the two major medical functions of han fang ji (also called fen fang ji)?
1-tx edema by promoting urination (water-retention)
2-expels wind/cold/damp to treat Bi Syndrome specially HOT BI (stagnation that turns into heat)
Which herbs treat LI and LU Abscess?
Yi Yi Ren

Dong Gua Zi
Which herbs treat both water-rententio edema and lin syndrome?
chi fu ling
zhu ling
yi yi ren
ze xie (stronger for lin)
Why is ze xie better than Fu Ling and Zhu Ling at treating patient with heat S/Sx?
Because it's cold!!!
What merdians do Sheng Jiang Pi enter?
FIRST ST!!! than Lung and UB
Which herb treats Summerheat internally and externally?
Hua Shi
What is the difference between qu mai and bian xu?
both are bitter and promote urinatioj to treat Lin Syndrome

Bian Xu enters HT/SI as well as UB and also kills parasites (fungus infections)
How do you cook di fu zi?
put in tea bag before cooking with formula
Which herb clears LIV heat to brighten eyes and ALSO tx deficiency LIV/KID Yin Xu related eye problems?
che qian zi
Which herb unblocks menstration and promotes lactation?
mu tong