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Who is John Basard
Solomon Pross and the man who accuses Darnay in the English court.
Who is Sidney Carton
Lawyer who changes places with Darnay, He loves Lucie and is a drunk
Who is Roger Cly
Was a one time servant of Darnay, hired to testify against him in court
Who is Jerry Cruncher
He is the honest tradesman who digs up bodies
Who is Charles Darnay
He is the husband of Lucie, Main character, sentenced to death for being and aristocrat in France
Ernest Defarge
Husband of Madam Defarge, likes Darnay but testifies against him
Therese Defarge
Madam Defarge, knits the registery and wants to kill Lucie and Darnay
Darnay returns to France to get him out of jail
Child was killed by Marquis carriage
Jarvis Lorry
Lucie's adopted father
Alexander Manette
Lucie's real dad, was in the Bastille for many years
Lucie Manette
Darnay's wife
Monsieur the Marquis
St. Evermonte
Miss Pross
Life long companion of Lucie
Mr. Stryver
Disappointed suitor of Lucie
1775- England and Paris on the eve of the Revolution
Wine casket
Foreshadowing the blood that would spill in the streets during the revolution
But I am sure that he is capable of good things, gentle things, magnanimous thing
It is extrodinary to me that you people cannot take care of yourselves and your children...How do i know what injury you have done to my horses?
A young lady's walking shoe, It ought to have been finished long ago
Dr. Manette
And if it does come, while we live to see it triumph- I hope, for her sake, Destiny will keep her husband out of France
Ernest Defarge
Her husbands destiny will take him where he is to go, and will lead him to the end that is to end him. That is all i know.
Madam Defarge
I have sometimes sat alone in the evening, listening, until i have made the echoes out to be echoes of all the footsteps that are coming by and by into our lives
___ You honest treadesman, theres hope wot that boy will yet be a blessing to you , and recompense to you for his mother
Jerry Cruncher
D_ _ it all sir! am i not eligible? (and prosperous and advancing)?
Mr. Stryver
Monsier Charles, who i expect; is he arrived from England
Your confidence in me ought to be returned with full confidence on my part. My present name, though but slightly changed from my mother's is not as youwill remember, my own. I wish to tell what that is, and why i am in England