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New inventions that helped open the Great Plains to farming included -
A. the steel windmill
B. barbed wire
C. the spring-tooth harrow
D. All of the above
The movement of Puritans from England to North America in the 1620s and 1630s is known as the Great -
F. Awakening
G. Compromise
H. Debate
J. Migration
During the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, the United States was able to foster westward expansion when it acquired territory in what is known as -
A. Seward's Folly
B. the Missouri Compromise
C. the Kansas-Nebraska Act
D. the Louisiana Purchase
Who commanded the Texan forces at the Alamo?
F. James Fannin
G. David Crockett
H. William Travis
J. Sam Houston
What were the main goals of European countries during the Age of Exploration?
A. They wanted to become rich.
B. They wanted to spread Christianity beyond Europe.
C. They wanted to expand their empires.
D. All of the above
Francisco Pizarro -
F. was a conquistador who defeated the Iroquois
G. never left Spain
H. discovered Africa
J. none of the above
Colonies helped enrich European countries by -
A. providing mines for gold and silver
B. negotiating cheaper prices
C. producing goods that could be traded for gold and silver
D. all of the above
Famous explorers who departed from England included -
F. Magellan
G. Cabot
H. Columbus
J. none of the above
At the beginning of the Revolution, most Americans were-
A. united in support of the war
B. Patriots who wanted independence from Great Britian
C. against a war with Great Britain
D. Loyalists who supported the British point of view
Which of the following present-day states was ceded to the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
F. Arizona
G. California
H. New Mexico
J. All of the above
At the outset of the Civil War, both the Union and the Confederacy wanted the support of the border states-
A. Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Oklahoma
B. Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri
C. Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri
D. all the states bordering the Missouri Compromise line