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Takeoff Roll
Static Takeoff
1. Using the Amfl EMB 120
airport Performance manual
or the to extract takeoff
and Max Continuous Power
Static Setting Data.
2. If data information for
the airport of specific RW
is not contained in the
AMF EMB120 Airport
Performance Manual, use
the EMB120 Supp. Perf. Man
for takeoff and max
continuous Power Static
3. Advance the Power levers
to the static takeoff
setting and release the
Rolling Takeoff
The PNF will adjust the power
levers and set the required
torque for takeoff prior to reaching 60 KTS
All takeoffs
After torque is set, before
60 knots, a small increase in torque may occur due to ram rise pressure in the engine inlet. Adjust power, if required, to prevent T6 from exceeding 800 C
Climb Check
1. Gear up
2. Flaps up
3. Bleeds auto
Through 10,000ft
4. GPU off
5. AutoFeather off
6. Ignition/Ice ProtectionSet
7. Pressurization check
8. Climb Power set
Climbing through 10,000ft
1. Landing Lights on
2. Taxi Lights on
3. Strobe Lights on
4. Navigation Lights on
Beacon on
Above 10,000ft
1. Strobe Lights off
2. Navigation Lights Off
3. Beacon Off
4. Pressurization check
5. Props 90
6. Company call
Climbing And Descending through Flight Level 180
1.Passing through FL170
Altimeters 29.92
2. Descending through FL170
Altimeters IAlt
Cruise Checklist
1. Bleeds and Packs Auto
2. Cruise Pwr Props 85%
3. Pressurization check
Descent Checklist
1. Pressurization Baro
airport elevation -300
2. AutoFeather on
3. Bleeds and Packs Low
4. Altimeters Set
5. Bugs Set
6. Crew Brief complete
Descent Checklist Flow
Pilot Not Flying
1. Pressurization
2. Autofeather
3. Bleeds and Packs
Descent Check Tasks
Pilot Not Flying
1. Speed Bugs
2. Altimeters
3. Approach Briefing
Descent Check List
Before Landing Check
1. Gear Three green
2. Condition Levers MAX
3. Flaps as requir
Approach Check
-The PF will set the
appropriate nav aids to the
approach being used. ThePNF
will brief the type of
visual approach they will
be going and any nav aids
they will use as a back up.
2. The PNF will set the app
nav aids to the approach
being used. The PNF will
set and tune each freq as
appr. When this is
completed, he will ackknd.
to the PF "Radios set"
CP will respond Set left
FO will respond set Right