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When using mouth-mouth for giving artificial ventilation how often should you force air into the victims lungs.
once every 5 seconds
The mouth - nose technique for artificial ventilation is effective on which of the following victims?
1.victim is breathing very slowly.
2. victim is very young
3.victim is has bad facial injuries.
both 2 & 3
both 2 & 3
when using back pressure arm lift for artificial ventilation, you should repeat the cycle how many times per minute?
cpr should be started within how many minutes of the onset of cardiac arrest
when giving cpr you should place your hands on what part of the victims chest?
1 in below the sternom; upper part of the sternom; above the tip of the sternom; on the tip of the sternom

when giving cpr you should place your hands on what area of the chest? 1.upper part of the sturnam:2.1 in below the sternom 3. above the tip of the sternom 4. on the tip of the sternom?
on the tip of the sternom
when using the one-rescuer cpr method you should give how many compressions per minute? 60-80;40-60;20-40;10-20
60-80 compressions
when using the one rescuer method of cpr how many ventilations after each set of compressions do you give?
when using the 2 rescuer cpr method what ratio compression to ventillations do you give? 1-5;5-1-10-4;4-10
5 to 1
which of the following structural components is the backbone of a ship?
stringer; prow; stern; keel
which of the following structural components divides the interior of the ship into compartments? longitudinal; bulkheads;strakes;gunwales
the vertical distance from the bottom of the deel to the waterline of the ship is identified by what nautical term? Freeboard; draft; strake; void
which of the following structural components form the ships hull? logngitudinal; bulkheads; strakes; gunwhales?
which of the structural components support the decks? athwartships; for and aft deck girders; stantions; all of the above?
all of the above
the freeing ports that let water run off during heavy wweather are identified by which term? companionways; bulwarks; scuppers;flats
which term defines the first complete deck below the main deck? first deck; second deck; third deck; forth deck
second deck
the devices that tightens and holds watertight doors closed on a ship are called...dogs; scuttles;coamings; belaying pins
what are the horizontal opening for access through decks called? doors; manholes; hatches; scuttles
which of the following is a type of mast? mizzenmast; mainmast; foremast; all of the above
all of the above
what is the purpose of running rigging. For stays and shroud support; to support stacks; to hoist, lower, or control booms or boats; to support mast
to hoist, lower or control booms or boats
commissioned ships of the u.s. navy fly a commission pennant that is secured to point. the forcastle; aft of the fantail; to a pigstick and hoisted to a truck; level adjacent to the bridge
to a pigstick and hoisted to a truck
a petty officer recieves general authority from what what document? U.S Navy SORM; U.S. Navy Regulations; UCMJ; Letter of appointment
U.S. Navy Regulations
a petty officer recieves organizational authority from what document? U.s. Navy sorm; U.s. Navy Regs; UCMJ;
U.S. Navy SORM
any order imposing punishment outside the framework of the UCMJ is unlawfull T of F
A petty officer can take certain measures to correct minor infractions under which of the following articles of the UCMJ? 12; 13; 14; 15
EMI is classified as what type of corrective action?
EMI can be assigned for whaqt maximum number of hours?
The purpose of EMI is to correct a training deficiency and deprive normal liberty?
True or False?
Authority to assign EMI may be delegated to which of the following lowest levels?
E6; E7: junio officer; department head?
a priviledge is a benefit provided for the convenience or enjoyment of an individual?
True or False
CMEO is an equal opportunity mamgement system controlled primarily at which of the following levels?
command; secretary of defense; secretary of the navy; CNO
which of the following types of reenlistment offers guarenteed advancement to P.Os 2nd class for qualified personnel after competion of C school? STAR; SCORE; both 1 and 2
both 1 and 2
which of the following types of reenlistment applies to personnel who desire to convert to a critically undermanned rating?
regular; guard III; STAR; SCORE
When if ever, are you allowed MALT payments? you use gov. transportation; you travel by POV during PCS move; Travel by POV on TAD orders; never
travel by POV during PCS move