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What are the 4 stages of heart dz
risk factors
ht dz with no sx
prior or current ht failure sx
refractory ht failure sx
what drugs do you use in each stage of ht failure
tx risk fctrs, ACE-i
ACE-i, beta block
ACE-i, beta block, diuretic, digi
Palliative care, ht tx
Digitalis MOA
inotropic, naturesis, neurohormonal
dec norepi, dec periph nerv sys, dec renin-angio, inc vagal tone,
How does dig inc contractility
inhibitd NaK pump causing more calcium to be stored in myocytes
How well does dig improve survival rates
It DOESN'T, ha ha ha
When should you give dig
after ACE-i, beta, diuretic fail
in combo with ACE-i, diuretic when sx persist
Atrial fib to slow AV cond
When shouldn't you give dig
dig toxicity
AV nodal dysfnx
PVC and VT
hypokalemic - causes arrhythmia
WPW with atrial fib
Describe the therapeutic window for dig
very narrow, titrate levels
Where, biochemically, do Bipyridines work
block degradation of cAMP, thereby stimulating phosphorylation of Ca channels
Where, biochemically, do catecholamines work (in the heart)
beta arenergic rcptrs that stimulate cAMP production
Which direction does the pressure volume curve of CHF shift when dig is given
Up and left
what is BiDil
combo drug, isosorbide dinitrate and hydralazine
Why is BiDil special
approved for tx of HF in blacks
Pt presents co yellow-green halos. Whats the dx
Dig toxicity