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Which words in paragraph 2 help the reader know what disabilty means?
What can the reader tell about hearing dogs from this article?
In paragraph 4, what does match mean?
What is the most likely reason why the author wrote the story
In paragraph 3,tease means?
What is the author's point of view about hearing dogs?
Which word from paragraph 1 means the opposite of deaf?
The reader can tell that "Amazing Hearing Dogs" is found in-
In paragraph 7, the words "is a pest" means-
Which idea belongs in the empty box?
What is this story mainly about?
The author used the organizational pattern sequence in pragraph 4 to help the reader understand-
What is paragraph 8 mainly about?
Which of the following statements is a fact from "Amazing Hearing Dogs"?
According to the story, why did Katie's parent and teachers refuse to let her play in a sport?
Which of these shows that a person with little money can get a hearing dog?
Which of these shows that Katie was unhappy?
Why does it make sense that a hearing dog wear harness?
Which best completes the summary above?
Venn Diagram-Which of these belong in a blank line?
Why is it important the "Katie and Kyra: A Remarkable Pair" is located in Oregon?
These two selections are different because-
What happened just after Kyra began training to become a guide dog for the blind?
How are "Katie and Kyra: A Remarkable Pair" and "Amazing Hearing Dogs different?
Why was Katie happy after Kyra becme her hearing dog?
Why did Vinnie become frustrated as she began her work?
What is Katie's problem while her teacher is instructing the class?
According to the story, why did Clark Mills ask Vinnie to be his student helper?
One reason training continues after the dog enters the home is that the dog-
Which words from the story help the reader know what the word reclining means in paragraph 3?
Based on information in the story, the reader can conclude that Lincoln?
Why did scientists need to study penguins in the Antartic before building the Penguin Encounter?
Why was Lincoln unhappy when he looked out the window of his office?
A common idea throughout this article is the importance of-
In paragraph 2, what does the word drastic mean?
Which words from paragraph 11 help the reader know that the word extinguish?
What can the reader tell about emperor penguins from this article?
What is Carl's problem just after he gets the part of Sir Trawood?
Which sentence from this article show that the penguins are happy in their new home?
The reader can tell that Sir Trawood is-
Which detail belongs on the blank line? Venn Diagram
Which of these is the best summary of this story?
Which sentence from this article show that scientists think penguins might be harmed by global warming?
Which word in paragraph 2 help the reader know what improvise means?
Why do penguins have little to fear on the ice?
The reader can conclude that Neil-
Which sentence from the story best shows that putting out the barn fire was difficult?
What are paragraphs 1 through 3 mainly about?
What does the word optimistic mean in paragraph 4?
Which of these belong on the blank line?
Why does the author compare the fire to a hungry monster?
One idea found in both of these stories is that people can be-
Why does Rosie gasp while at the fire?
One difference between Carl and Neil is that-
Why is paragraph 4 important to this story?
Both of these stories describe-