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"An unbalanced force on a body produces or tends to produce an acceleration in the direction of the force and that the acceleration, if any, is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body." This statement is:
Newton's second law of
Which law may you sum up with two words: action and reaction?
Newton's third law of motion
Which type of duct would decrease the velocity and increase the pressure of a gas as it passes through?
"The combination of decreased pressure above an airfoil, and the increased pressure below the airfoil produces lift" is best described by
Bernoulli's principle
The temperature of compressed air in a jet engine must be raised to
Increase energy
Which section of a jet engine keeps the compressor rotating?
Through which section of a jet engine is energy expended into the atmosphere, resulting in thrust?
Which type of horsepower is delivered to the propeller for useful work?
What is the equation for calculating friction horsepower?
Indicated horsepower minus brake horsepower
Which type of horsepower determines the performance of the engine-propeller combination?
Equivalent shaft
Which instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure?
The standard atmospheric pressire is equal to
14.7 psi
The ratio of the amount of water vapor actually present in the atmosphere to the amount that would be present if the air were saturated at the prevailing temperature and pressure is the definition of
relative humidity
What is the overall reduction of the RGB's main reduction gear train?
Which compressor section assembly disperses compressor discharge air and directs it to the combustion chambers?
At the aft ends, what hold the combustion chambers (liners) in place?
Turbine inlet vane assemblies
During flight range operation, what maintains the T56 engine at a constant engine speed of 13,820?
Propeller governing system
To maintain propeller speed at 1020 rpm, how are overspeed and underspeed conditions controlled?
Blade angle
In the T56 engine engine, which RGB component rotates at the same speed as the power unit rotors?
Pinion input gear
Which two gears make up the first stage of reduction in the RGB?
Pinion input and main drive
When the engine is running above 23% rpm, the propeller brake is held in the released position by
RGB system oil pressure
The propeller brake is in which position when the aircraft is in the ground and the engine is stopped?
When the engine is operating below FLIGHT IDLE, the NTS system is
mechanically locked out
Which components comprise the torquemeter assembly?
Two concentric shafts, torquemeter housing, and torquemeter pickup
The amount of twisting deflection is determined by the
reference shaft
The torquemeter exciter wheels are in phase when
the rectangular teeth on the exciter wheels are aligned at zero torque
For the safety coupling to disconnect the power unit from the RGB, torque must reach between
-4200 and -7200 inch pounds
The torque shaft can recouple to the RGB, if torque decreases below approximately
-6000 inch pounds
Which shaft delivers the speed of the power unit to the accessory housing?
Compressor extention
Which shaft extends through the bottom vertical strut of the air inlet housing into the accessory drive housing?
Accessory main drive
After air is drawn into the guide vanes of a centrifugal compressor, it is subjected to
rotational and centrifugal forces
The cheapest type of compressor to manufacture is the
centrifugal, because of its simplicity
The purpose of the annular passageways in the air inlet housing is to allow
anti icing air and pressurized oil to pass to the compressor assembly
the stationary (stator) vane blades on the T56 compressor are used to
increase pressure
What type of bearings support the T56 compressor rotor at the front and rear?
Front, roller; rear, ball
Which T56 compressor component supports the compressor rear bearing labyrinth seal?
compressor diffuser
Combustion section design has helped prevent igniter plug fouling by
directing air around the plug.
Carbon monoxide gas is
After engine shutdown, fuel that accumulates in the T56 engine combustion section is
vented overboard by drain valves
In the T56 engine, turbine rotor torque is transferred to the compressor rotor by the
turbine coupling shaft
In a gas turbine engine, which type of turbine is normally used?
The fir tree methof of turbine bucket attachment is
a series of grooves or notches broached in the rim of the turbine rotor disk.
The fir tree method of turbine rotor blade attachment is preferred because it
Allows for expansion of the turbine rotor disk.
A turbine stage consists of a row of
Stationary vanes followed by a row of rotor blades.
The purpose of the turbine section is to convert
energy into torque
The purpose of the guide vane support is to direct airflow
onto the turbine rotor blades
What are used to retain the turbine buckets in the first-stage wheel of the T56-A-15 engine?
Cover plate seals
Which component functions as an on-off control for the air supply that is sent to the starter?
Starter control valve
The speed sensitive control lets electrical current flow to the fuel and ignition system at
16% rpm
At what percent of engine rpm is the ignition system turned off?
Which type of oil pump is used on the T56 engine?
The amount of ram air passing through the oil cooler core is regulated by the
flap actuator
Bleed air flowing through which component increases airflow through the cooler?
Augmentation ejector
The valve that allows fluid to flow in only one direction is the
Which type of valve is normally incorporated in an oil filter assembly?
In the power unit oil system, which valve located in the main pump is used to bypass excess oil?
In the power unit oil system, the dual-port oil jet mounted on the front side of the compressor air inlet housing is used to lubricate the
mid and center sleeve bearings
Oil from the interior of the air inlet housing drains into the bottom of the
accessory drive housing
Which RGB component prevents oil in the tank from draining into the RGB rear case?
Oil pump check valve
Induvidual pressure relief valves in the RGB scavenge and pressure oil systems limit pressure to
250 psi
How many scavenge oil pumps are located in the RGB?
How many and what type of fuel pumps are contained in the fuel pump and filter assembly?
2 gear, 1 boost
What controls the rotary movement of the fuel control metering valve?
Compressor inlet pressure
Which component receives 120% of the engine fuel requirement?
TD valve
Which switch in the speed sencitive control actuates and energizes the fuel pump paralleling valve?
The manifold pressure switch opens to deenergize the fuel enrichment relay when fuel pressure in the manifold reaches
50 psi
When there is a difference between the actual and the scheduled turbine inlet temperatures, the difference is corrected by
Altering fuel flow
When the null orifice on the TD valve is set to zero, how much fuel will the valve bypass?
The rate of fuel flow to the engine is measured by the fuel
flow meter
The total range of each oil quantity indicator is 0 to
12 US gallons
The purpose of the oil temperature indicating system is to show the temperature of the engine oil
before it is sent to the oil pressure system
Thermocouple leads connect the thermocouples to the TIT indicating system and the
TD amplifier
In the fire warning system, which component contains the relay that illuminates the master fire warning light and the fire emergency handle lights?
Control unit
The temperature setting of the turbine overheat detectors is
700 degrees fahrenheit
How many overheat detectors are in the nacelle overheat system?
The component that allows 14th stage air to close the bleed air valves is the
speed sensitive valve
The anti icing air valve assemblies are mounted on the air inlet housing at the
3 and 9 oclock positions
The anti icing solenoid valve is
normally open
Before assembling engine bearings
clean them
During RGB removal with the propeller installed, which check must be performed prior to removing the propeller?
Retaining nut torque
If the RGB on No. 4 engine were replaced
you must bleed the booster hydraulic systen
Prior to installing the safety coupling, you must inspect the
pinion gear input bushing
The measurement used to properly install the turbine to compressor tie bolt is the turbine rotor
front of vane clearance
If a fuel nozzle is disassembled, you
must replace it
What instruction provides guidance concerning reflective materials and the use of maintenance stands and lifting devices?
AFOSH Standard 91-100
Of how many people does the minimum engine runup crew consist?
When a T56 engine is installed on the airfract, it must produce a minumum
95% of its rated power
Prior to conducting an engine performance run, what system is calibrated by performing a low speed gorund idle run?
Torquemeter indicating
The RGB oil system pressure is adjusted by turning the screw on the
pressure adjusting valve
The torquemeter indicator calibration check on a C-130 aircraft is performed with the engine running at
low speed ground idle.