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What are commonly seen types of PARAPHILIAS?
Almost exclusively men; women are accessory.
Are unusual fantasies or sexual urges Or behaviors that are recurrent and sexually arousing. These activities generally focus on a person HUMILIATING himself/herself or a partner, on children, other nonconsenting people or on NONHUMAN objects.
Clinical definition of PARAPHILIAS.
These urges and behaviors must occur for at least 6 months and must cause significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. paraphilias commonly involve illegal activities and criminal sexual offenses.
What are commonly seen types of PARAPHILIAS?
Explain Exhibitionism.
excitement in exposing themself, shock value men to women, do not want to have response or relationship; all bark and no bite; turned off if responded to
Explain Fetishisms.
focus on one part of sexuality; other behavior fantasizing over item; becomes sole interest of person
Explain Frotteurism.
Seek out victims in public places and rub against them. Usually men rubbing against females. At bus or crowded area. Have orgasm by rubbing on them, and run away. Do not have healthy relationships.
what is exhibitionism?
excitment in exposing oneself to someone, surprise/shock value; don't want someone to be okay with it; that would turn them off
what are fetishisms?
exclusively focus on one part of sexuality; doesn't acknowledge a person as a partner (i.e. shoe fettish); becomes the sole gratification of sexuality
What is Frotteurism?
seek out victims in public places and rub against them and they have an orgasm
what is pedophilia?
have to be at least 16yo and be attracted to and have urges to have a relationship with a pre-pubest child; have to be at least 5 years older than the victim. see lots of countertransference toward pedophiles (dr's bad feelings against the pt); 3 types of pedophiles; use penile plasmography to measure movement to pictures of children
what are three types of pedophiles?
1) accused and aren't pedophiles; 2) lives are normal, frustrated time in life and they get close to the child and it only happens one time; 3)chronic pedophilic behavior
What is sexual sadism?
get pleasure out of hurting others and inflicting pain
what is sexual masochism?
get pleasure out of hurting self
what is voyeurism?
peeping Toms; viewing others
what is transvestic fetishism?
get excited by wearing the opposite sexes clothing; don't want to become the other sex, just enjoy wearing the clothing
what is the term for saying obsene phone calls and obsene internet communication?
what is the term for having sex with dead people?
what is partialism?
use one part of the body for sexual gratification; ie. only likes oral sex, only cums between breasts) does not include a relationship with another product - vibrator
what is the term for get turned on by activities using feces?
what is the term for get turned on by having an enema?
name three types of paraphilias that may be normal but can begin to interefere with life?
internet porn, masturbation, and sexual addiction
what is the term used to describe having sex with animals?
what is the term for getting off on urine?
what is the term for getting off by asphyxiating or using N20?
What is the difference in sexual desire disorders vs. sexual arousal disorders?
want vs ability to have an erection
define the term that involves unusual fantasies or sexual urges that are recurrent and sexually arousing. these activities generally focus on a person humiliating himself/herself on a partner, on children, other nonconsenting people or on nonhuman objects?
paraphilias - these urges must occur for at least 6 months and cause significant distress or impairment
what paraphilias commonly get arrested?
exhibitionism, pedophilias, sexual sadism, and voyeurism
what is the term for having a low sexual desire; look at age?
hypoactive sexual desire disorder
what is sexual aversion disorder?
doesn't have anything to do with low drive - may be the result of sexual abuse as a child
what is the term for a woman who can't become aroused?
female sexual arousal disorder
Name the orgasmic disorders.
Female orgasmic disorders; Male Orgasmic disorders; Premature Ejaculation - many have been helped by SSRIs - most of these are very common
what is the term for having pain with intercourse?
dyspareunia - not due to infection or medical condition
What is the term for having contractions of the vaginal wall during intercourse?
What are the two types of classifications of sexual dysfunctions?
1. lifelong vs. 2. acquired type - develops only after a period of normal functioning
what is the term for a person saying they felt like they grew up in the other sex's body?
Gender Identity Disorder - many go on to have sex change - starts very young; has to be psychological
What are the indications for electroconvulsive therapy?
bipolar disorder- both depressed and manic phase, major depressive disorder, schizoprenia- catatonic symptoms, elderly- most with depressive symptoms
what is electroconvulsive therapy?
electric therapy to induce a seizure
explain the general procedure of ECT.
1st is usually done in the hospital; electrodes applied unilaterally/bilaterally by psychiatrist, anesthesiologist, assistant present paitent anesthetized with general, intubated, muscle relaxant given, bite block put in. EEG, BP, HR, and ECG are all monitored, minimal current needed to produce a seizure is used from calculations and tonic clonic seizure is induced. do about 6-20 treatments; CONCERNS: memory loss
what medications should you stop before you do ECT?
benzodiazepines and all anticonvulsants - these will increase the seizure threshold
What are the contraindications to ECT?
there are NO ABSOLUTE contraindications
what 2 things exist, but don't have to, with DEPENDENCE?
what is the term to describe needing an increased amount of the substance for the desired effect or diminished effect with continued use of the same amount of the substance?
what is the term to describe having characteristic withdrawal syndrome of a particular substance
what is the difference in substance abuse vs. dependence?
abuse: cannot have tolerance or withdrawal; dependence: can have withdrawal and/or tolerance but don't have to
what is dependence?
have to have 3 or more of the following in a 12 month period: 1. substance taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than intended; 2. persistent desire to cut down but can't; 3. great deal of time is used to acquire the substance; 4. give up social, occupational or recreational activities b/c of abuse; 5. have medical problems from the drugs but still use the substance
what is tolerance?
need increased amount to get the effect; or diminished effect with taking the same amount
what is subtance abuse?
CANNOT have TOLERANCE OR Dependence; need one of these: 1. failure to fulfill major obligations in work, school or home; 2. use in situations which is physically hazardous-driving, machinery; 3. substance related legal problems; 4. continued use despite recurrent or persistent social or interpersonal problems exacerbated by the substance.
how can you further classify dependence?
dependence with physiologic dependence; dependence without physiologic dependence
name some substances that are currently being used that cause physiologic withdrawl.
alcohol, cannabis, crystal meth, opioids (ie. methadone - very difficult to get); used through multiple routes
Explain the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal in the 12-18 hrs.
tremor, hyperreflexia, sleep-disturbed, blurred vision (not fatal); should be addressed; may lead to delirum tremens (hallucinations, feverl; have a 10-15% mortality)
What drugs do you use to treat alcohol withdrawal?
usually Benzodiazepines - watch vital signs --> have to refer to follow up rehab; to control agitation and prevent seizures give Librium (chlordiazepoxide) 50mg every 6 hours, tapering by 25mg increments over the next 2-3 days. Aqtivan (lorazepam) may be a better choice because it is less likely to insult the liver, give 2mg every 4-6hrs and then taper by 0.5mg increments.
Denile, Honesty, Relapse and Education are big factors for what?
alcohol withdrawal treatment