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toll toll toll toll toll
work hard, move with weariness, pain, or difficulty
torrent torrent torrent torrent torrent
violent, rushing stream, heavy downpour
transmit transmit transmit transmit transmit
send over, pass on, pass along
transfusion transfusion transfusion transfusion transfusion
transfer of blood from one person or animal to another
turmoil turmoil turmoil turmoil turmoil
state of agitation or comotion, tumult, disturbance
tangible tangible tangible tangible tangible
real, actual, definite
tether tether tether tether tether
rope or chain for fastening an animal so that it can graze or move only within a certain limit
transpose transpose transpose transpose transpose
change the position or order of
trestle trestle tresle trestle trestle
similar to a sawhorse, used as support for a table top platform
tumult tumult tumult tumult tumult
noise or uproar
tithe tithe tithe tithe tithe
make or pledge a payment for the support of the church
transcend transcend transcend transcend transcend
go beyond the limits or powers of, be above, surpass
taut taut taut taut taut
tightly drawn, tense
tabor tabor tabor tabor tabor
small drum, used especially with a pipe or fife played as an accompaniment
tandem tandem tandem tandem tandem
having two seats or parts, for example, arranged one behind the other
tankard tankard tankard tankard tankard
large drinking mug with a handle and a hinged cover
tantalize tantalize tantalize tantalize tantalize
torment by keeping something desired in sight but out of reach or by holding out hopes that are repeatedly disappointed.
transparent transparent transparent transparent transparent
letting light through so that things on the other side can be distinctly seen
tempest tempest tempest tempest tempest
violent windstorm, usually accompanied by rain, hail, or snow
tenacious tenacious tanacious tenacious tenacious
holding fast, stubborn, persistent