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What is system 5?
Tennis court is a playing area that both defines the boundaries of play and governs the actions of thos who play. 5 distinct areas- zones are indicators of the tactical and technical options that are approate to produce the best possible shot in any sistuation that exists during play.
What determines your control rating?
the number of times you are able to hit the ball over the net during the 15-sec. period
To determine your control rating what do u do?
Divide the total of your seven best scores by seven. Example: scores are 9,8,9,9,9,8, divide total 61 by seven = rating of 8.7
Control rating achieved from zone 4
Control Rating -Standard level
13-15 ---> World Class
11-12 ---> Advanced tourny
9-10 ---> Advanced
7-8 ---> Intermediate
Table presents the standard level of play for a control rating from zones 3,2,1
Control Rating -Zone- Level
8 --> Zone 3 --> Adv. Beg.
9 --> Zone 2 --> Interm. Beg.
10--> Zone 1 --> Beginner
Key 2- The 5 Phases of play-- source of change
Important source of change concerns ball characteristics such as: speed, spin, depth, height and placement.
Key 2- 5 Phases of play
Ball recieved- Phase of play
Very diff. -> Defense
Difficult -> Counterattack
Neutral -> Rally
Easy -> Challenge
Very Easy -> Attack
Key 3- 5 segmented swing
Preparatory backswing
Beg. from pt. of contact backward; fully completed follow-through, forward from point of contact
Key 4- The 5 Heights
5 heights concept is measured at the point where the ball passes over the net, with each height number corresponds to the width of an average midsize racquet.
2 factors influence height of shot:
spped and spin and location of your opponent on the ct.
The 5 Responses Concept
Your ability to consistently deliver a tactically placed and/or powerfully hit ball with the appropriate spin. Change pace of your hot and/or hit on the rise.
5 Responses
1. Consistency
2. Placement and epth
3. Increased ball speed
4. Change of pace and spin
5. Hitting on the rise