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rhetorical fragment
a fragment used for persuasive or creative effect, e.g. "WOW!"
balanced sentence
a sentence with two equally important clauses, e.g. "I went to the park, and later I went home to have dinner"
use of a word to govern two or more words though appropriate to only one, e.g. "took his hat and his leave"
inverted sentence
predicate proceeds subject, e.g. "among the weeds, were a few wildflowers"
a sentence dominated by inverted parallelism, e.g. "Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more"
complex sentence
inequal clauses independent where the independent comes before the dependent
1 dependent clause and 2 or more independent clauses
loose/cumulative sentence
basic statement with a string of details, e.g. "bell rang, filling the air, startling pigeons"
repition of concluding phrases/clauses
parallel structure
same patterns of words and verb tenses