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What 2 questions must Sync answer
when (speed reference or timing reference)

where (location reference or position reference)
What does Relative Sync do??
Measures location relative to the beginning of a song

SPP or Beat Clock
what does Absolute Sync do?
Measures position without regard to tempo
What are the 4 Digital transfer Protocols??
(fill in the blank)

TDIF carries ___ channels both ways
ADAT carries ___ channels both ways
SPDIF carries ___ channels both ways
AES/EBU carries ___ channels both ways
- 8
- 8
- 2
- 2
What is the standard SMPTE frame rate used by the Music industry?
30 Frames per Sec.
What is Word Clock??
Sample by Sample timing reference
______ and ______ have word clock embedded in digital signal
What is Jitter?
Errors in timing of samples
list specs:

MTC (Midi Time Code)
{4 points}
MIDI's version of "SMPTE"
Digital instead of analog
same format - HH:MM:SS:FF
Same Frame Rates
List Specs:

VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code)
{3 points}
- Encoded during the video stream's vertical blanking interval

- Source of "Burn In"

- Readable from creep to 10x speed
List specs:

Word Clock
(5 points)
- Sample-by-sample timing reference

- Uses a coaxial cable with BNC connectors

- 75 ohm

- Daisy-chain connection

What Sync I/O do?

(3 points)
HANDLES synchronization for Pro Tools

CONVERTS incoming time code to MTC & word clock

READS most varieties of time code
What is Loop Sync?

(3 points)
- Is a dedicated clock loop for synchronizing multiple HD Series interfaces

- Doesn't work with any Mix-Series interface

- Use any interface in loop as the master