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chemical that transmits signal from one cell to another
chemical that modifies characteristics of synaptic transmission (primarily carried by another chemical)
Evidence that chemical is NT
1.Presence (in nerve terminals and vesicles)
2.Identity of action (chemical vs. nerve stimulation)
3.Release (release with stimulation)
4.Synthesis (made in neuron)
5. Termination of action
6.Predictable pharmocologic action, there should be receptors somewhere (blockers of chemical should block action of nerve stimulation)
How do you test for the presense of NT
NT must be present in presynaptic neuron. Use an Ab or other biochemical reaction to visualize chemical and look for distribution in neuron
How do you test identity of action
If chemical is isolated and applied to postsynaptic cell, should have same effect as stimulating the presynaptic neuron
ex - add Ach to muscle cell - will contract
How do you test for release
Upon stim of presynaptic nerve, should release NT
incubate in radioactive precursor, wait for it to be used to make NT, stimulate nerve, collect saline, measure radioactivity, separate using electrophoresis to make sure its NT and not precursor
How do you test for synthesis
Use Abs directed at synthetic proteins and look for distribution, can look for presence of precursors or proteins that bring them in
How do you test for termination of action
look for enzymes that cleave NT, block those proteins and see if prolongs NT action