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Light Usually suggests hope, renewal, or intellectual illumination. Darkness usually implies the unknown, the igornance or despair.
Light vs. Darkness
Water is necessary to life, and growth, and it commonly appears as a birth or rebirth symbol.The desert represents alienation, loneliness, desolation, starvation.
Water and Desert
Parts of universe not accessible to him with the dwelling places of primordial forces that govern his world. Skies and mountaintops house his gods. Bowels of the earth contain the diabolic forces that inhabit his universe.
Heaven vs. Hell
Heroes are often sheltered for time in places of safety for a time to regain their health or spiritual strength before they are thrust out into the wild.
Haven vs. Wilderness
Some characters exhibit wisdom and understanding of situations. As opposed to those supposedly in charge who have extensive book knowledge, but make bad choices.
Innate Wisdom
Fire represents Knowledge, light, life, and rebirth. Usually present when forces are affecting the hero. Ice, represents death, igornance, darkness, desolation.
Fire vs. Ice
Nature is good while technology and society is often evil
Nature vs. The Mechanistic World
The battle between two primal forces. Mankind shows eternal optimism in the continual portrayal of good triumphing over evil despite the odds.
Good vs. Evil
A supernatural force, god, or being intervenes either on the side of the hero or sometime against him.
Supernatural Intervention
That hero or some other character has a wound, either physical or psychological, that can't be fully healed. Often indicates a loss of innocence. Often drives to desperate measures, always aches.
The Unhealable Wound
Actual ceremonies that the initiate experiences. They will mark his rite of passage into the next level of his journey into adulthood.
The Ritual
This is a weapon that can only be wielded or used to its full potential by the hero. It symbolizes the extraordinary quality of the hero.
The Magic Weapon