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How often does the Enlisted Safty Committe meet?
Who is the central point for all safty related mattersor concerns within a work center?
Safty Petty Officer
HAZMAT is broken down into how many categories?
Name the six categories of HAZMAT
Flammable, aerossal, toxic, corrosive, oxidizer, and compressed gases
How often are HAZMAT stowage locations inspected?
weekly and quarterly
what procedure is not a spill response procedure?
Shelf life expiration
Name the four types of chemical casualty agents.
chocking, nerve, blister, and blood
Administer atrophine & 2-Pam Chloride in case of contact with which chemical agent?
Nerve Agents
One of the hazards associated with RF energy is the primature or unwanted activation of:
EED (Electro Explosive Devices)
Define the term Blackout
loss of lights or electrical power failure during a nuclear attack
What bill covers a covers a civil disaster?
Operational Bill
Name a multipurpose ship and depends on its speed & mobility for protection?
DDG (Destroyer, Guided missile)
what indicates the aircraft recovery area?
A Foul Line
What deck edge scupper marking would have 6" yellow & red alternating stripes around the hatch?
Electrical Power Hatch
Name the area required for parking, serving, and loading aircraft.
The Apron
What is the principal means by which commands communicate?
Naval Message
Which nuclear explosion produces the worst fallout?
Surface Blast
What is not considered a special inspecrion?
What are the means of a fecovery for a man overboard?
Helicopter, small craft, ship
What term means that a procedure is mandatory?
The MMP provides a scedule of predictable maintenance work.
What instructioin discusses disposal Limitations of HM/HW?
OPNAVINST 5100.19c
How do you approach an aircraft with hot breaks?
From Fore or Aft at a 45 degree angle
Who is responsible for the control of unbound aircraft during case I,II,III and provides approval information?
Which departments man flight quarter status?
Air, Airwing & Weapons
Inreference to clouds a, a cumulus clous:
Case III
Flight crew briefed, standingby in RR in full flight gear would indicate which alert condition?
Condition III
who is responsible for execution of tactical orders for carrier and airwing during battles?
CDC (Combat Direction Center)
A runway lying at a compass heading of 168 degrees outbound (flying into) would be numbered:
The primary navigation aid used by carrier based aircraft is:
What officer assigned to AIMD is responsible for the accomplishment of the deptartment mission ?
Define FLOLS
Fresnal Lens Optical Landing System
Define TARPS
Tactical Air Reconnassiance Pod System
Define NMCS
Non Mission Capable Supply
A listing of all authorized remain in place repairable until a replacement is on hand is called:
CRIPL-Consolidated Remain In Place List
A National Stock Number contains how many digits?
wo is authorized to release aircraft safe for flight?
SM&R codes are made avaliable to their users by means of:
Techinical Pubs
What is the most important piece of personal protective equipment(PPE)against a CBR attack?
Gas Mask
Which program is used to evaluate the technical knowledge levels of avation technicians?
MTIP-Maintenance Technician Improvement Program
what is used to push, tow, and manuever several types of aircrafts in congested areas?
Spotting Dolly
Who exercises overall supervison of the handling of embarked aircraft?
Aircraft Handeling Officer
Fueling crew wear what color jerseys?
What aircraft is designed as a mmulti-mission fighter, attack aircraft
F/A 18
What is no a category of tie down requirements?