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What is the oldest reliigon?
Judaism originated where?
in present-day Israel
Judaism was the 1st major world religion to be..?
monotheistic (believe in one God)
who was the father of the Hebrew people?
The hebrew people were descendants of who?
Where do Jews worship (2 names)
temple or synagogue
what 3 times do Jews pray?
AM, noon and PM
What day is the holy day in Judaism?
How long is Sabbath?
sun down Friday to sun down Sat
What is Hanukkah and how long is it?
Festival of lights; 8 days
what is Rosh Hashanah?
Jewish New Year
What is Yom Kippur?
Day of atonement
what is passover?
commerata exodus from Egypt over 3000 years ago
What's the Torah?
scrolls containting the 1st 5 book of the Bible
what's the Talmud? (2parts)
1) part of the Torah 2) Jewish law book from 6th century
What is Diaspoora?
destruction of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC
What did Diaspora cause?
Jewish people to scatter
What does Zionism mean?
movement to create a homeland
What place was founded as a homeland for Jews in 1948?
What 2 reasons cause Jerusalem to be sacred to Jews?
1) was once capital of a Jewish empire 2) site of Western Wall of temple
what's the holiest location for the Jewish people?
Western Wall
Where did Christiananity originate?
in present day Israel
From what religion did Christianity develop?
What teachings is Christianity based on? (person)
Who's the Messiah (Son of God)
Why did Jesus die (2 reasons)
1) to save humanity from sin 2) to make salvation possible
What 3 religions does Christianity split into?
Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant
What does the belief, Holy Trinity mean?
it's the belief that God has 3 forms: father, son and holy spirit
What is the Holy Communion?
It represents the last supper of Jesus and his disciples
What is a baptism?
it celebrates an individual's acceptancce of christianity and its tenets
what did Jesus call himself that made the Romans charge him with trason?
"King of the Jews"
how many apostles preached the gosple after his death?
what is the gosple?
teachings of Jesus
What city is the place of many teachings and death of Jesus?
What is the 2nd largest religion?
What does Islam mean?
Subit to the will of God
Where did Islam originate?
in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
What are the followers of Islam called?
About how many followers are there for Islam?
900 millions
What is the largest growing religion?
Where do the majority of Muslims live?
in SW Asia and N Africa
Who do muslims believe they descended from?
Abraham's son Ishmael
What is Kaaba and what's built near it (by who)?
Kaaba is a stone, and Abraham built a temple there where Ishmael setled
Who built Mecca?
Ishmael and his offspring
In Islam, who recieved the word of God?
Who was seen to be the last prophet (in Islamic religion)
Mohammed was upset with Arab polytheism so what 2 religions did he study?
Judaism and Christianity
Who did Mohammed receive revelation from for 25 yrs?
Angel Gabriel
what happened to the followers of Mohammed?
were persecuted and forced to flee Mecca, but returned years later to forgive their enemies
Mohammed is the true prophet of who?
Allah (God)
What do Muslims preach to Allah (2 things)
peace and obedience
what are the 5 pillars of Islam
Profession of faith (accept no God but Allah, and Muhammed is the messenger), give to charity, Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj), fast during Ramadan, Daily prayers toward Mecca
Where is the Holy City for Islam?
What is the Holy Book called in Islam?
What does Qu'ran contain?
mssgs and holy laws that God gave to Muhammed
What is the religious leader called in Islam?
Where do muslims worship in?
a mosque
what are the %ages and 2 branches of Islam?
Sunnis (90%) and Shi'a (10%)
What happened during the month of Ramadan?
the Koran was revealed to Muhammad
What is Eid al Fitar?
it marks the end of ramadan
what does Eid Mubarak mean?
May your religious holiday be blessed
Where did Jews and Palestinians settle in around 12th century?
Ancient Palestine
The Kingdom of Israel was formed by which group of religion?
Romans conquered Palestine in AD 73 and what movement began?
Which group (Jews or Palestinians) remained in the region during Diaspora in AD 73?
When the arabs arrived to Palestine in 7th century AD, what religion did they convert Palestinians?
in the 1800s, what movement was organized?
What country took control of Palestine following WWI?
What declaration establishes Palestine as a natoinal home for the Jewish?
Balfour Declaration
in 1947, British turned Israel over to who?
Independent Jewish state of Israel was formed by the UN in what year?
For what 3 reasons did the Arabs oppose of the Independent Jewish state formation?
1) nationalism- they desire an Arab Palestind 2) fear of western ideas such as democrace and 3) fear loss of traditional ways
in what year do the Arab nations attck Israel?
Because Isreal wins and confirms independence Arabs ___ and end up in __ refugee camps in the _____&______
flee; UN; Gaza Strip; West Bank
What does PLO stand for?
Palestinian Liberation Organization
what are 2 goal of the PLO?
1) destroy Israel 2) cerate a homeland
Who is the leader of PLO and how does he fight Israel?
Yasir Arafat; with terrorism
who are the PLO supported by and who is Israel supported by?
PLO= USSR and Arab nations, Israel- US
who stikes first, Arab or Israel?
When Israel strikes Arab states in 1967, what was the war called? Who won and which countries were defeated? And what did the winning country gain?
6 day war; Israel won, Egypt syria, iraq and jordan lost; Isreal gains Golan Heights, west bank, gaza strip
PLO and others launch campaign of terroism with ______ and _____
hijackings and kidnappings
Egypt and Syria launched a suprise attack against Israel on what special day? who wins but suffered heavy loses?
Yom Kippur; Israel wins
Arabs starts an oil embargo (refusing to trade) on who and what does this cause
USA and other ISraeli allies; energy crisis
Israel's ____ and Egypt's ___ sign a peace treaty that sets up a framework for PLO ___-___ which was brokered by _____
Begin; Sadat; self-rule; Carter
Which Accord makes ____ the 1st Arab nation to officially recognize Israel
Camp David Accord; Egypt
An Arab extremist assainates Egypt's ___
What does Intifada mean?
Palestinians protesing vs Israeli rule (Palestinian uprising)
Israel's ____ and Arafat (PLO president) sign which accord, brokered by ____
Rabin; Oslo Accord; Clinton
What did the Oslo Accord give Palestinians? what did PLO recognize and what did Israel recognize?
self-rule of Gaza and portions of the West bank; PLO recognizes Israel as a nation, and ISrael recognizes Palestinians claim for self-rule
Israeli extremists assasinates Isreal's ____
The peace process between PLO and Israel slowed down with what?
change in leadership
Who brokered the agreement where PLO got more of the _____ ____ in exchange for _______ guarantees
Clinton; West Bank; security
who was elected new Prime Minister and offered to divide rule of Jeruslam (which PLO refuses)
Ehud Barak
Who was elexted Israeli Prime Minister in 2001?
Ariel Sharon
Violence (in 2001) escalates with the Palestinian extermists new weapon _____ _____
suicide bomber
in 2002 PLO continues _____ ______. Israeli forces bombed, destroyed occupied Palestinian areas almost ______ Arafat twice
terrorist attacks; expelling
Pres. Bush stated the US wont recognize an independent Palestinian state until what?
Arafat is replaced
under __ presure, Arafat names who as Prime Minister? this person reject violence of the ______
US; Mahumoud Abbas; Intifada
US, UN, EU n Russia presented what that would ensure a Palestinian state by 2005? did this work?
Road map for peace; no
for what 2 reasons was "Road Map" discarded? Who resigned in 2003
1)suicide bombing on Israeli bus 2)assasination of terrorist group Hamas' spiritual leader; Abbas
who died in a Paris Hospital
Yasir Arafat
who replace Arafat as teh PLO chief?
Mahmomud Abbas
Israel releases 400 Palestinian _____ after ___ and ____ visit Bush
prisoners; Sharon and Abbas
In august 2005, Israel evacuates ____ and 4 _____ settlements
Gaza; West Bank
which 2 terrorist groups continued attacks against Israelis in 2005?
Hamas and Islamic Jihad
Prime Minister Sharon wins reelection after _____ ______
changing parties
What caused Sharon to resign?
a massive strokee
who is the new Israeli Prime Minister after Sharon resigns
Ehud Olmert
What are the 2 major parties during the Jan 2006 Palestinian Parliamentary Elections?
Fatah vs Hamas
who won the majority of seats in the Palestinian Parliamentary Elections?
the US & EU put what 2 kind of sanctions against the Hamas gov't that demanded they support past Palestinian peace agreements and recognize Israel's right to exist?
economic and diplomatic
Hamas is seen as a terrorist organization by whom (3)?
Israel, us, and Eu
what is formed as a Palestinian Islamist millitant organization?
what is Hamas short term goal and long term goal
short term: drive Israeli forces from occupied areas ; long term: establish an Islamic state in all of historical Palestine
Hamas' late spiritual leader ____ ____ ____ predicted Israel's destrucion by when?
Sheikh Ahmad Yassin; 2025
Hamas claimes to have a _____ wing and now a _____ wing
military and political
Israel will or will not negotiate with Hamas?
Since Hamas has gained power, there has been deeper _____ among palestinians, clashes in the street between Hamas and ____ (fear of a Palestinanian civil war) and more leaders are talking about a ___-___ nation
poverts; Fatah; two-state
Hezbollah is the political and Military organization of what?
Shi'a Muslims in Lebanon
what does hezbollah translate into?
party of God
outside nations see Hezbollah as what?
a terrorist group
Hezbollah is historically financed by ____ with goal to drive ______ troops fromm Lebanon. They call for the destruction of ______
Iran; Israeli; Israel
How has Hezbollah built support? (2)
by providing social services and health care
Lebanon is mixed _______, _________ and _________
ethnically, politically and religiously
Lebanon is divided between ___ and ___ syrian (syria has occupied lebanon)
pro; anti
did Syrian forces ever withdraw from Lebanon?
Israeli launches air and sea attacks on targets in lebanon after lebanon's millitant Hezbollag group does what?
captures 2 ISraeli soldiers
Where does Israel invade in August 2006?
S. Lebanon
after __ days of fighting a truce i signed and a __ peacekeeping force is deployed along what boder?
34, UN, Lebanon-Israeli
There's a hezbollah movemnt for the existing government to _____