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Herb Kelleher
Herb Kelleher
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Gary Kelly
Chief Executive Officer
Colleen Barrett
Daryl Kraus
Senior Vice President
Inflight Services & Provisioning
Naomi Hudson
Senior Director Employee Resources & Base Operations
Vic Zachary
Western Regional Director
Flight Attendants
Henry Townsend
Dallas Inflight Base Manager
Doreen Warner
Oakland Inflight Base Manager
Dave Kissman
Phoenix Inflight Base Manager
David Curry
Eastern Regional Director
Flight Attendants
Jim Melnic
Baltimore Inflight Base Manager
Simon Reid
Chicago Inflight Base Manager
Kevin Clark
Houston Inflight Base Manager
Helen Hancock
Orlando Inflight Base Manager
Steve Banegas
Director Inflight Training
John Zencini
Manager Inflight Training
Tom Raffalski
Asst. Manager Initial Training
Carmen Allen
Asst. Manager Initial Training
Paula Gaudet
Director Inflight Standards
Brent Harper
Manager Inflight
Regulatory, Procedures & Publications
Sarah Schulte
Manager Development
Brendan Conlon
Director Crew Scheduling, Audit, Planning, & Automation