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State the six areas that comprise Naval Doctrine.
Naval Warfare
Naval Intelligence
Naval Operations
Naval Logistics
Naval Planning
Naval command
Define Naval Warfare
The inherent nature and enduring principles of naval forces.
Define Naval Intelligence
points the way for intelligence support in meeting the requirements of both regional conflicts and operations other than war.
Define Naval Operations
develops doctrine to reaffirm the foundations of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps expeditionary maritime traditions
Define Naval Logistics
addresses the full range of logistical capabilities that are essential in the support of naval forces.
Define Naval Planning
examines force and the relationship between our capabilities and operational planning in the joint and multinational environment
Naval command and Control
Provides the basic concepts to fulfill the information needs of commanders, forces, and weapons systems.
State the seven principles of Naval Logistics
What was the first navy ship named after an enlisted man?
The USS Osmond Ingram (DD 255),
Define Responsiveness
Providing the right support at the right time, at the right place.
Define Simplicity
Avoiding unnecessary complexity in preparing, planning and conducting logistics operations.
Define Flexibility
Adapting logistics support to changing conditions
Define Economy.
Employing logistic support assets effectively.
Define Attainability
Acquiring the minimum essential logistic support to begin combat operations
Define Sustainability
Providing logistics support for the duration of the operation.