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Comstock act of 1873
Stated that contraceptives were obscene and ilicit. It was a federal offense to distribute birth control through the mail.
Did nurses have rank in wWI?
no they did not.
What is a military corpsman?
same as nursing...except..nursing, by rank is slightly higher. So, according to rank rules,..nurses should be able to give orders to corpsman..but they wouldn't listen because nurses were women.
what is the drug of choice for syphillus?
what does ACLS stand for?
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Who were the caretakers of the Pre-middle Ages
Druids and Wise Women
what was the view of women in teh Middle Ages...
"she's a witch"
when was the middle ages?
mid 1700's
What happened to women in teh Middle ages?
Repression of women
What was the mindset towards illness/disease int eh middles ages?
If you're sick, then you must have sin in your body.
What was the medical/health care done by in the middle ages?
Family members