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What are the physical symbols of WWII?
Iron Curtain, Berlin Wall, Germany
What was the purpose of the Marshall Plan?
European Recovery Plan, gave $12 billion towards reconstruction. Helped prevent the spread of communism and promote cooperation.
What did the Schuman declaration do?
Linked the European coal and steel industries making was seemingly impossible.
What did the Treaty of Paris establish?
The European Coal and Steel Community.
What did the Treaty of Rome create?
The European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) and the European Economic Community (EEC).
Why were Spain, Portugal, and Greece allowed to join the EEC?
To ensure democracy and to help their economies.
In what year did preparations for the euro begin?
Why did certain countries reject the Euro?
To continue the control of currency and to protect state sovereignty.
What is the Acquis Communitaire?
Treaty law that acts as the EU constitution.
Where is the EU Parliament headquartered?
Where are the EU offices?
Where is the EU council?
Why is the council's headquarters in Brussels?
Center of transportation and not in France or Germany.
Who is the president of the EU commission?
Jose Barosso
What is the purpose of the court of justice?
Final decision maker on EU law, national laws, European laws, and international agreements.
Who is the council president?
Rompuey, the Ex-Prime Minister of Belgium.
What is the current council president term length?
2 1/2 years, it used to be 6 but the Treaty of Lisbon changed that.
What is the most democratic EU institution?
In which institution are national interests most represented?
Council of Ministers.
Which flowers are avoided in Europe for basic gatherings?
Chrysanthemums, white lilies, red flowers, and flowers that come in bunches of 13
Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain?
Gordon Brown
Who is the French President?
Nicolas Sarkozy
Who is Italy's Prime Minister?
Who is the Chancellor of Germany?
Angela Merkel
Which EU countries are currently undergoing an economic crisis?
Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal
Is healthcare considered a right or a privilege in Europe?