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The initial count requires
that the count be done aloud by circulator and scrub
If a sponge pack contains an incorrect number of sponges, the circulating nurse should
isolate the pack and not use it
In an instrument count
all instruments and parts must be counted
The following statements concerning sponges are true
only radiopaque sponges should be used on the sterile field, sponges should be counted from the folded edges, a pack containing an incorrect number of sponges is discarded
During the closure count, a discrepancy
is reported to surgeon
If a sponge is intentionally left in the patient
a notation is placed on the operative record
The following statements regarding counting sponges are true
sponges are counted at folded edge, shake pack to separate sponges, separate each sponge and number aloud while placing it in a pile on table
During the sponge count procedure, which action would constitute an technique
soiled sponges used for prep remain in kick bucket and are not part of count