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A device used to correct and counteract internal bleeding conditions and hypovolemia is a
Placement of a Levin tube would be in the
A sponge used in brain surgery is a
cottonoid patty
The dressing used after nasal surgery is
Seamless tubular cotton that stretches to fit a contour and is used for padding is called a
Which case would require the use of cottonoid strips
The item used for padding that has smooth and clingy layers is called
Rectal packing is made of
petroleum-treated gauze
An elastic adhesive bandage is
A dissecting sponge that is a small roll of heavy cotton tape is a
A dissecting sponge made of gauze that is used to dissect or absorb fluid is called a
A temporary biologic dressing is
What procedure would not require a pressure dressing
A sponge that is cotton-filled gauze with a cotton thread attached is a
Patties are
moistened with saline
What can be a supplement to a subcuticular closure
skin clusure tapes
A protective skin coating is accomplished with
tincture of benzoin
A dressing that is held in place by long suture ends criss-crossed and tied is called a
The smallest diameter on a French scale is a
A stab wound is a separate small incision
close to operative site
A tube placed into the tympanic membrane to facilitate aeration is the
myringotomy tube
A coommon-sized chest tube is a
30 Fr.
What type of catheter would facilitate the removal of small gallstones
A catheter commonly used in a gastrostomy is a
The following is a type of ureteral catheter tip
whistle, olive, Braasch bulb
The drain that has a reservoir creating negative pressure to facilitate drainage is a
Ureteral catheters are
made of flexible woven nylon or plastic, range in caliber from size 3 to 14 French, have graduated markings in centimeters
Long-term or temporary ureteral drainage can be accomplished with a
A central venous catheter is usually inserted into the
external jugular vein
An indwelling catheter used for chemotherapy administration is a
What is used for urethral dilation
McCarthy dilator, VanBuren sound, Phillips filiform and followers
A closed-wound suction system works by
negative-pressure vacuum
Why is a 30-cc bag Foley used after a transurethral resection (TUR) of the prostate
The tube that collects bronchial washings is
Balloon angioplasty is accomplished with the use of a ______ catheter
A Pezzer is a
mushroom catheter
The three lumens of a Foley are used for inflation, drainage, and
continuous irrigation
An image intensifier
converts the x-ray beam into a fluoroscopic optical image
Extracorporeal circulation refers to circulation
of blood outside of the body
The scoring system that assesses an infant's condition after birth is called a
What procedure records the electrical activity of the brain
An x-ray's photographic image is called a
Immobilization of the hip joints after surgery is accomplished by the use of
an abduction pillow
The following are true of disposable chest drainage chest drainage units they
provide drainage collection from intrapleural space, maintain a seal to prevet air from entering the pleural cavity, provide suction control determined by water level
What factor is accomplished by chest drainage
drains fluid and air from pleural cavity, provides water seal for gravity drainage, suction controlled by level of water
A cast applied from the hips to the head which is used to immobilize cervical fractures is a
Minerva jacket
A motorized device whose action prevents venous stasis and reduces risk of deep-vein clotting in high-risk patients is
sequential pneumatic compression boots
What synthetic mesh may be used in the presence of infection
Mersilene mesh
can be steam sterilized once, if unused but not soiled
A common donor site for an autogenous bone graft is the
The patient coming to the OR with rupture of esophageal varices may have a ___ in place to control bleeding
Either a Foley, Mallecot, Pezzer, or mushroom catheter can be inserted for
The risks of cone biopsy are minimized by using the
CO2 laser
Stereotatic surgery takes place in the
A blood flow detector is a
A secondary video monitor is referred to as a
Which catheter facilitates the infusion of chemotherapeutic drugs
maintains patient's nutrition
An Ambu bag is a
breathing bag
A blood warmer is used
to maintain 89 to 105 degree F temperature
What is the most necessary item for a blood transfusion
blood filter
The following are measures to prevent heat loss in newborns, infants, or children in the OR
water mattress is warmed, Webril is wrapped on extremities, solutions for skin prep and intraoperatie use are warmed
A setup which would include a 1,000-cc bag of normal saline, sterile IV tubing, an IV pole, and a pressure bag is
A laminariia tent is used to
dilate cervix
What procedure would a radiant warmer be found
cesarean section
The C-arm employs the use of
a fluoroscope
Equate the radiation exposure in fluoroscopy as comopared to that of a single x-ray
10 to 1
A PCA pump affords
patient-controlled pain relief