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A patient signs a permission form for surgery, but because of a language barrier she does not fully uderstand what she has signed. This could constitute a liability case for
assault and battery
If a patient falls because he or she was left unattended, the OR team member could be cited in a lawsuit for
What is not considered a safe procedure when caring for dentures inadvertently sent to the OR
wrap in a plastic bag and attach to the patient's chart
A lack of care or skill that any nurse or technician in the same situation would be expected to use is the legal definition of
The legal doctrine that mandates every professional nurse and technician to carry out their duties according to national standards of care practiced throughout the country is the
doctrine of Reasonable Man
The doctrine of Respondeat Superior refers to
employer liability for employee's negligent conduct
Liability is a legal rule that
holds each individual responsible for his or her own acts
A criteria that identifies, measures, monitors, and evaluates patient care is
quality assurance programs