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The room temperature in an operating room (OR)should be
between 68 and 76 degree F
If an OR staff member wears eyeglasses
The glasses should be wiped with an antiseptic solution before each operation
OR attire
scrub suits may not be worn out of the OR uncovered, lab coats worn out of the OR suite should be clean closed and knee length, scrubb suits are alwas changed upon reentry to the OR suite, and nonprofessional personel and visitors must wear approved attire in the OR
The most effective protection from the radiation of x-rays is a
lead apron
It is considered good technique to
handle the mask only by the strings
Sterile gloves
should be wiped off after donning to remove lubricant
Electrical cords should be
removed from pathways so equipment is not rolled over them
Each of the following would need to be present for an explosion to occur except for Carbon Dioxide
oxygen, a source of ignition, a flammable gas vapor or liquid