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The pounds of pressure necessary in a steam sterilizer set at 250 degrees F is
15 to 17 pounds pressure
When steam enters the steam sterilizer under pressure, it forces the heavier air ahead of it and forward until it is discharged at the front of the sterilizer. This is called?
gravity displacement
The most dependable control measure used to assure that sterile conditions have been achieved is
biologic control test
A wrapped tray of instruments is sterilized in a gravity displacement sterilizer at 250 degrees F for
30 minutes
The minimum exposure time for unwrapped instruments in a flash sterilizer that is set at 270 degrees F (132degreesC) is
3 minutes
When steam is used to sterilize a rubber tubing or catheter
a residual of distilled water should be left inside the lumen
In order to be effectively sterilized, a linen pack must not weigh more than
12 pounds
The washer-sterilizer utilizes
steam under pressure
The process called cavitation occurs in the
ultrasonic cleaner
All of the following statements regarding instrument sets are true (instruments must be placed in perforated trays, heavy instruments are placed on the bottom, all detachable parts must be disassembled) EXCEPT:
All instruments must be closed
All of the following statements regarding steam sterilizatio are true (flat packages are placed on the shelf on edge, small packages placed one on top of the other are criss crossed, basins are placed on their sides) EXCEPT:
Solutions may be autoclaved along with oher items as long as they are on a shelf alone
Wrapped basin sets may be sterilized by steam under pressure at 250 degreesF for a minimum of
20 minutes
Basins must be separated by a porous material if they are nested
Why would gas sterilization be chosen over steam sterilization
it is less damaging to items
The chemical agent used in gas sterilization is
ethylene oxide
Positive assurance that sterilization conditions have been achieved can be obtained only through
biologic indicators
The lumen of a tubing undergoing ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization is
dried thoroughly
Why is ethylene oxide diluted with an inert gas such as chlorofluorocarbon
it provides flame retardation
Cidex is a
liquid chemical sterilant
The usual temperature in a gas sterilizer is
85 to 145 degrees F
Which of the following is essential when using activatedglutaraldehyde for sterilization
items must be rinsed thoroughly in sterile water before use
An example of an activated glutaraldehyde is
In which procedure would the use of a high level disinfectant be acceptable instrument preparation?
In a high-speed flash sterilizer, unwrapped instruments are exposed for a minimum of
3 minutes
In order to kill spores, an item must be immersed in a 2% aqueous solution of glutaraldehyde for
10 hours
When placing tubing in an activated glutaraldehyde solution, one should
be certain that the interior of the tubing is completely filled
What is the role of moisture in EO sterilization
dried spores are resistant to the gas, so they must bey hydrated
Slow exhaust in a gravity displacement steam sterilizer is used for
Which item requires dry heat sterilization
petroleum-impregnated gauze
What is the function of an aerator in EO sterilization
it is a separate unit used to decrease the aeration time
Ethyleve oxide destroys cells by
interfering with the normal metabolism of the protein and reproductive processes
Activated glutaraldehyde is used to disinfect endoscopes for
20 minutes
When using a high-level disinfectant, always
rinse items with sterile distilled water before using
The chemical sterilant used in the STERIS method of sterilizing is
peracetic acid