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2 Layers of skin concerned with in scrubbing, gowning & gloving
1. Epidermis- outer layer that varies in thickness
2. deep layer that contains sebacceous & sweat glands, blood vessels, nerves & hair.
3 Characteristics of skin relevant to scrubbing, gowning & gloving
*Skin can't be sterilized but it can be made surgically clean by reducing the # of microbes
*The # of microbes on the epidermis are constantly replenished by continuous secretion of glands
*The subungla area is very difficult to clean & particularly prone to contamination
2 notes relevent to personal hygiene
*Fingernails should not be longer than the fingertip to avoid puncture
*Fingernail polish & artificial devices must not cover the fingernail
3 Types of Flora
Normal Flora
bacterial population peculiar to a particular body location, made up of transient & resident flora. eg. staph
Transient Flora
Organisms present on the epidermis which have been picked up through contact with other objects
Resident Flora
Bacteria which are normally present below the skin surface in sebacceous glands and hair follicles
2 Characteristics of Flora
1. The # of transient flora is reduces by frequent scrubs
2. There is a sharp increase in the # of these organisms when the surgical scrub is carried out only occasionally.
Surgical Scrub
Process of reducing microorganisms from our hands and arms to a safe level before participating in an operative procedure.
Surgically Clean
Condition of skin immediately after a surgical scrub in which the transient flora has been reduced to safe limits, though resident flora is not affected.
4 Purposes of the surgical scrub and/or surgical hand preparation
1.Removes soil, debris, natural skin oils, hand lotion and microorganisms from the dermis of the hands and forearms of sterile team members.
2. Decreases the # of microorganisms on the skin to an irreducable minimun (near zero)
3. Keeps the population of microorganisms at a min. during procedure by suppression of growth
4. Reduces the hazard of microbial contamination of the operative wound by skin flora.