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what is the purpose of steri strips,butterfly strips
to keep edges approximated, or after wound closure materials have been removed
name 3 TNIs of steris/butterflys
use medical asepsis,use PRN, surg asepsis not needed on healed wound,only those incisions that need support steri are needed for
use appropriate spacing
provides support
assess surgical wounds and skin closure
determine adequacy of wound healubg and intactness of strips for support
instruct client not to remove strips and allow them to fall off
prepares client for care of wound after discharge
why use stainless steel staples
brings severed tissue together, less iritating,less scarring,good approximation
TNI observe incision site for what
drainage,abnormalities,infection, wound disruption
cleanse site per agency policy if drainage present while performing wound care
removes bacteria/pathogens from incision and closure materials
preserve integrity of wound closure material
don't pull on materials, avoid guaze or clothing catching them.....prevents undue pressure/force on closure materials
assist w/removal if ordered
certain closure materials need to be removed or they can cause irritation/infection...NURSES DON"T

WHY use sutures
to sew together severed tissue and ligate
(tie)blood vessels or portions of tissue
must know if sutures are absorbable or non absorbable
non absorbable...permanent,
absorbable in approx. 10 days for plain,natural...20 days for chromic
why retention sutures
over staples for 2nd support/reinforcement when unusual stress on suture line
TNI for Retention suture: obsesrve for
drainage,signs of abnormalities,infection,wound disruption