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Anionic detergent
soap that has free, negativly charged ions that precipitate when combined with calciun and magnesium in hard water
chemical that inhibits or prevents the growth of microbes on living tissue; compare with disinfectant
chemical that contains free ions and leaves a film on surfaces
agent that desrtoys(kills0 bactera
chemical used to inhibit or prevent the growth of microbes on inanimate objects; compare with antiseptic(living tisue)
agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria
agent that kills fungi
Agent that kills lining organisms
to reduce the number of microbes to a safe level
Cationic detergent
contains positively charged ions that remain suspended in solution (quaternary ammonium)
agent that kills spores
to eliminate all microbes by death or inactivation
Suture Materials -
Purpose of sutures
Litigate - tie off
secure drains
temporary closure of orifice(eye)
closure of wounds
agents that kills viruses
Tinsile Strength- ammount of psi that the sture can stand before breaking
Memory-tendency/ability to return to origional packaged form
flexibility - eas at which suture is manupulated
absorability- can be broken down by body from 7 days to 2yrs
Capillarity- allow microbes to wick to interior of strand
structure Multifiliment - 2 or more strands braided together
Monofilament - single sloid
knot security
origion of material
Ideal disinfectant
broad spectrum
noncorrosive inexpensive
ideal suture material
easy to handle monofilament easy to sterilize
high knot strength
lack of memory
absorbs in a predictable manner
effectiveness depends on
type of microorganism
degree of contamination
amount of protein in area
organic matter
additional sanitizing compounds
concentration and quality of chemicle
contact time and temp
Sizes of sutures
fine to course 2, 1, 0(ought) 2-0 3-0 4-0 (9-0 is finest)
000 is 4-0 the more zero's the smaller the suture
Types of Disinfectants
Chlorine based - bleach cleaning & disinfecting deactivated by fecal matter
Phenol based - Lysol-pinesol -toxic to cats works in presence of organic material
quaternary amine based - roccal-d plus-binds to and inactivated by organic material
Iodine - providone iodine used as antiseptics- inactivated by organic material
Cholrhexidine- used widely for tables and instruments- works in presence of organic material, must have contact time to be effective
Surgifcal Gut (cat gut) - Chromic acid treated
plain gut absorbed in 3-5 days chromic gut 10-15 days
easy to handle ties well good knot security economical
hygoscopic(swells), tissue reaction, strong capillary action microbes migrate to middle of strand
PGA polyglycolic acid (Dexon)
synthetic suture made in fine threads then woven into suture- retains strength 2-3 weeks, handles well low reaction- know slippage high tissue drag
Suture needles
Point - Taper point sharp point rounded used for intestines or other hollow organs
taper cut - round body and reverse cutting point used for tough fibrous tissue and cardio
reverse cutting
cutting - most traumatic
PLA polygalactia 910(vicryl or Polymend)
similar to PGA
braided or monofilament - retains strength 3 wks; absorbs in 90 days
Needle body - straight circular or curved
shape- 5/8 circle, 1/2 circle 3/8, 1/2 curve 1/4 circle straight
PDS polydioxanone(monomend)
Synthetic monofilament longest lasting absorbable suture available, low tissue drag good retention of strength monofilament long lasting - expensive high memory known slippage
attachment -
single eyed pass from inside curve to outside
french eyed one complete eye and one split
swaged(eyeless) most atraumatic
Nonabsorbable suture material - remains in tissue until removed if buried becomes encysted
Silk and cotton
Braided synthetics
monofilament synthetics metal
silk used in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgery
needle size
the lower the # the larger the needle (flyhooks)
Suture Sterilization
autoclaving- destroys gut PDS PLA and PGA - decreases strenght of nylon polyester prolypropyleme- safe for metal
Radiation - safe for all suture material
Ethylene Oxide safe and effective for all suture
Suture Patterns -
Interrupted - sutures that are tied or cut after one or two passages through the tissue - maintains strenght technique easy and rapid uses more material takes more time increase forien body
Continuous - a pattern has multiple passages knot at each end- easy miinimal material easy to remove mor rapid closure - entire line breaks if one component fails
subcutaneous sutures
Dr Tank Uses - simple interrupted or continuous pattern wied to close the fat layer below the skin
Factors affecting the healing process
nutrition - protein deficency and anemia retard the healing process
steroids reduce inflammation but also delay healing
Healing process - wound healing befins when tissue is damaged
goal to restore the injured tissue to its prewound condition in a short time wiht minimal loss of function
1 Inflammatory phase
Golden period - first 6 hrs
after this period a contaminated wound is considered infected
Exudative phase- passage of fluid and cells into tissues or cavities -Inflammatory response
loss of function
1st intention healing
immediate cleaning and suturing - clean wounds less than 6 hrs uncomplicated lease scarring
Collagen phase (repair phase)
collagen major protein that binds cells and tussue together- granulation and new capillaries are formed
2nd intention - leave alone

3rd attention wound begins to hean then is sutured Intermediate scarring
healing through granulation - most scarring
Maturation phase Scarring happens
the wound is covered with epitheliun - contraction occurs