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Courvoisier's sign
Palpable painless gallbladder
Battle's sign
Echymoses over mastoids in basilar skull fracture. Also assoc'd w/ racoon eyes
Allen test
Compression test for patent ulner artery before placing radial line
Ballance's sign
Dull to percussion LUQ, tympany RUQ seen w/splenic rupture
Beck's triad
Cardiac tamponade causes:
1) JVD
2) Decreased heart sounds
3) Decreased BP
Blumer's shelf
Felt with DRE if mets in rectouterine (pouch of Douglas) or rectovesical pouch
Boas's sign
Right subscapular referred pain in cholelithiasis
Charcot triad
Cholangitis causes:
1) Fever
2) RUQ pain
3) Jaundice
Reynold's pentad
Cholangitis (severe) causes:
1) Fever
2) RUQ pain
3) Jaundice
4) Sepsis/shock
5) Altered mental status
Cullen's sign
Periumbilical echymosis w/ retroperitoneal hemorrhage, esp. acute pancreatitis
Gray-Turner sign
Echymosis of the flank seen with retroperitoneal hemorrhage, esp. acute pancreatitis
Cushing's triad
Increased ICP causes:
1) HTN
2) Bradycardia
3) Irregular respirations
Kehr's sign
Left shoulder pain with splenic rupture
Kelly's sign
Visible peristalsis of the ureter if touched
Rovsing's sign
Pain in RLQ on palpation of LLQ seen in acute appy