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What is the Bishop scoring system?
It assesses favorability to induce birth; a score of 6+ is favorable
What are the pelvic "rule of three's"
Three diameters
Three planes
Three components of the three planes
What are the three planes of the pelvis?
Midplane (mid-pelvis)
What is the most common pelvic type?
when does the posterior fontanelle close?
6-8 weeks

Anterior: 18 months
what are the different types of presentation?
Chart Marias Pregnancies:

Maria is pregnant for the fifth time
She terminated her first pregnancy at 8 weeks.
Her second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 12 weeks.
Her third baby was born at 40 weeks and is still living
Her fourth baby was born by emergency cesarean at 34 weeks and is still living
How do you chart her pregnancy?
G: 5 (pregnant for the fifth time)
P: 1 Fullterm, 1 Premature, 2 Abortions and 2 Living children
Written: G: 5, P: 1-1-2-2
Calculate the Due date of the LMP April 14 with:

A.28 day cycle
B.35 day cycle
C 21 day cycle
28 day cycle: subtract 3 months and add 7 days
Due date January 21

For 35 day cycle:
subtract 3 months and add 14 days
LMP April 14 - Due date Jan 28

For 21 day cycle:
subtract 3 months and add 0 days
LMP April 14 - Due date January 14
What is “spinbarkeitt” mucus
vaginal discharge seen during ovulation
What does lower than normal hCG levels for WGA indicate?
ectopic or fetal demise
What does higher than normal hCG levels for WGA indicate?
NTDs or multiple gestation
Where should the fundus of the uterine be at 20 weeks?
At unbillicus
What types of measurements can ultrasound make to determine gestational age?
Head circumference
Abdominal circumference
Crown-rump length
Femur length
Estimated fetal weight

Most accurate at 20 wks
what is the normal fetal heart rate?
What group is at higher risk of Tay-Sach's disease?
Ashkenazi Jews
Who's a high risk group for thalassemia?
Mediterranean descent
What are some physiological changes in first trimester
Morning sickness
Aversions to certain foods and odors
Frequent urination
Breast enlargement
Food cravings
Changes in libido
When should you start iron and B-12 supplements?
first trimester; as preventive measure even with a good hgb
What is the pre-quickening phase of pregnancy?
Happens during the second trimester when the woman examines her relationship with her own mother
What is the post-quickening phase of pregnancy?
When the woman changes her social interests and activities to pregnancy
What are some physiological changes in third trimester
Can’t get comfortable
Urinary frequency
What causes constipation during pregnancy?
Increase in progesterone: slows down peristaltic action
exacerbated with synthetic iron
How often should you have prenatal care visits?
Every 4 weeks until 28 WGA
Every 2 weeks until 36 WGA
Every week until birth
when should you screen for diabetes screen
At 24-28 wks
when should you screen for
neural tube defects and
Down’s syndrome
At 15-18 weeks

MSAFP (Triple screen testing)
pregnancy normally lowers H/H, when would you see an increase in H/H?
altitude > 3000 ft
severe dehydration
In a GTT, what are the normal values for whole blood
fasting = 90 mg gluc/100 mL
1 hour = 165 mg
2 hour = 145 mg
3 hour = 125 mg
In a GTT, what are the normal values for plasma?
15% higher than whole blood

fasting = 105 mg
1 hour = 190 mg
2 hour = 165 mg
3 hour = 145 mg
What is the normal weight gain during pregnancy?
normal ~ 25 to 35 pounds
Twins ~ 35 to 45 pounds
Overweight ~ 15 - 25 pounds
what are the risks of dieting and fasting during pregnancy?
hypoglycemia and ketosis
What are causes of inadequate weight gain in the second and third trimesters?
recreational drugs
What nutrient is particularly important in the last few weeks of pregnancy?
How many calories should you add to daily intake before 20 weeks?
300 calories
How many calories and protein should you add to daily intake after 20 weeks?
500 calories and
25 grams of protein
what is the daily recommendations for carbohydrates
200 grams per day
What do Leopold’s Maneuvers determine?
Estimate fetal weight
Estimate amount of amniotic fluid
Determine whether baby is engaged
Determine baby’s presentation
Determine position of baby