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What test is useful in detecting the source of colonic bleeding when it is of moderate or high rate.
How do you treat most cases of diverticulitis?
Admit patient
IV hydration
IV antibiotics (AG and coverage for B. fragilis)
When is immediate resection of the colon and temporary diverting colostomy and a Hartmann pouch indicated with diverticulitis?
In the case of perforation, obstruction, or abscess
What is the MC organ involved in distant colorectal metastases?
the liver
How do you treat Colorectal CA?
5-fluorouracil (5-FU)

5-FU used in combination with levamisole lowers mortality in patients with Dukes' C tumors.

Radiation combined with 5-FU
What is the DOC for inflammatory bowel disease?
How do you diagnose UC and Chron's?
The mainstay of diagnosis is endoscopy with biopsy
What is the treatment for mild forms of UC and Crohn's?
Antidiarrheal agents
Bulking agents